Sometimes it is difficult to cut the cord to your enabling adult child when you feel it is against your beliefs.

Who is to blame?

As you get more involve with you adult child life you may feel a lot of resentment and may want to blame yourself or your child for the difficulties you are facing.

Financial problems

The constant helping of you child with the money you save for your retirement may be dwindling each passing day and you don’t know how to stop it for you may feel if you don’t your child will suffer more and you cannot live another day knowing that your child is hurting and you did nothing about it.

Problems in the marriage

You maybe at the brink of a divorce because of you’re enabling with your adult child is coming into your relationship each moment.

Your child may not be living with you yet energetically they are their in your thoughts and in your conversation with others.

Over protecting your child

You may find yourself constantly overprotecting your child and you defend that person saying to yourself and to others that your child is finding their way and it is taking long and that your child is really good person.

The child you once new are not the same, they are into drugs or alcohol, having difficulty in holding a job, not responsible in paying their rent and you are constantly paying for their bills and that is enabling.

Being angry

If you find yourself being angry because of your adult child it is because you feel as a victim of all the things you feel you have to do and your child is not taking the responsibility.

Over controlling

You may be a controlling person with everyone around you and this has affecting your whole family about how they go about their lives.

From your mate to your children their lives are run according to your standards and your family members may resort to manipulation to get what they want.

Passing your limits

Your family passes your limit and you pass your limit and you may not see or want to look at what you are doing because it will ask of you to make changes in how you behave with your family.

Your child is now an adult and you the parents have difficulty in letting go and it is creating difficulty in the couple relationship.

Taking back your life

To take back your life it will ask of you to stop controlling your child and what they do.

Your child may get hurt or hurt another and they will learn from it when you stop protecting them from themselves.

Creating boundaries

One of the important steps you can take is to create boundaries with you by stop trying to save others from themselves and allow your child to make mistakes and learn from them.

When you create boundaries you may feel a weight lifted and you may feel lonely because you no longer have drama in your life.

Your responsibility is to give more love and attention to yourself and stop using others to deal with your emptiness within.
You and your family need boundaries to help each individual to grow and become whole.

Conclusion: Cutting the cord of enabling your adult child ask courage to face yourself and break the cycle of dependency with your child.

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