When you are attracted to a girl and you want her to be your girlfriend or you want to date her, don’t sit around playing it safe expecting her to fall in love with you and eventually get intimate with her.

…that’s a HUGE mistake.

Let me explain

You will have a girl you like and have developed feelings for and will want to get intimate with her or be her lover…

…meanwhile, you don’t express your desire for her – you don’t let her know you’re interested in her.

You hold back on expressing your feelings and desire for her because you don’t want to mess up your chances.

You don’t want to try anything sexual then screw up the possibility of GETTING her.

You’re afraid that if you try anything, she’ll think you are trying to get into her pants, and then leave you.

So you will want to play it safe so as not to get rejected – you will be nice to her, advise her, be her best friend, all to give her the impression you’re not sexually interested in her and that you just want to be her friend… in the hopes that she falls for you and eventually get intimate with her.

Or you probably will want to wait for the right moment to express your desire for her.

BIG mistake.

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Fact is, girls look to guys to make a move

They want us to be the first to profess our feelings.

They expect us to get romantic and sexual with them first.

Girls don’t put their desire out there until a guy does.

When a girl feels an attraction or has feelings for you, she won’t make it obvious… she won’t reach over then kiss you. She will rarely give you blatant signals that she wants you to make a move or that she wants you to kiss her.

A girl doesn’t show her interest in a guy she feels attracted to until she can tell the guy is into her.

She doesn’t want to expose herself and risk coming across as easy. To her, it’s not ladylike.

Sure, the aggressive girl will act on her feelings, but be that as it may, it’s you, the guy, to take the initiative.

Before You Start Dating, Read This…

When you hold back on expressing your desire for a girl…

…you’re going to lose her to another guy.

Because not only is another guy pursuing her, but your failure to show interest or express your desire for her will have her settle for someone else.

When you interact with a girl you have feelings for who also has feelings for you (feels attracted to you) and you don’t take action (you don’t let her know you have a romantic interest in her), she’s going to think…

  1. you don’t find her attractive and hence, don’t like her
  2. or you’re gay and not into girls
  3. or you’re a wuss and you lack confidence (you’re not a man)

…whatever impression she makes of you, she’s going to move on and eventually fall for another guy.

Or let me put it in another way…

…another guy is going to win her heart and she will have to choose him over you.

…don’t let this happen to you

The longer you hang out with a girl without getting intimate with her or at least letting her know you have a romantic interest in her beyond just friendship, the more you will kill your chances of anything intimate or sexual EVER happening between the two of you.

You may think that the longer you play it cool and are nice to her and advise her and be her best friend and ‘respect’ her too much to get intimate with her, the more she will like you and the easier it will be to get intimate or sexual with her…


She’s going to end up in the arms (and in the bed) of another guy.

The longer you wait to let her know you have a romantic interest in her, the worse the situation gets.

Sure, be nice to a girl, be her best friend…

…but solely being that – most especially for fear of getting rejected or risky the girl’s disapproval – will get you nothing.

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When you meet a girl you have feelings for…

…express your romantic interest and desire for her before another guy swoops in and gets her first.

Be proactive.

Take the lead.

Be a man and go after what you want – her.

Make the first move rather than waiting for her to act or take the first step.

You don’t need to verbalize your romantic interest in a girl provided you’re too shy to do it… you can just let on your interest in her to signal to her your desire for her is beyond just friendship. [Read: ‘What to Do When You’re Too Scared to Tell a Girl How You Feel About Her’]

There’s no shame in pursuing a particular girl or woman… you just have to do it in an attractive way and not in a wussy manner as most guys do it – desperately pursuing girls.

Heck! Make your sexual intentions acceptably obvious… not that you explicitly want to have sex with her, but let her know that you’re NOT looking to be just friends with her. [Check out ‘Sexual Attraction’]

Don’t be afraid to express your feelings for a girl you like and want to date… she expects it. [Read: ‘Simple Fact about Girls: When You Realize this, Your Success Skyrockets’]

And don’t wait around for her to be the one to get intimate with you because it’s never going to happen.

Again, keep in mind…

…other guys are pursuing her and she’s going to have to choose – you or the guy she texts and talks to on phone every night before she goes to bed.

Don’t let another guy win her heart… do something fast… do it now, and get that girl.

Now understand…

A girl will not look you over and then decide that she wants you…

…she will want you (feel attracted to you) because of the attractive behaviors you exhibit and more importantly how you make her feel on an emotional and sexual level. [Read: ‘How to Connect with a Girl or a Woman on a Deep Emotional Level’ and ‘How to Make a Girl or a Woman Feel a Strong Sexual Desire for You’]

So be attractive and desirable and catch her interest while demonstrating your romantic intentions.

Here, she will now be opened to your seduction and advances, and she’ll seize them when you put them in front of her.

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So there you have it…

…don’t lose a girl by doing nothing.

Don’t play it safe with a girl or a woman you find attractive and want to get intimate with.

There’s no shame in showing an interest in a girl. You are human with a desire… so is the girl. So let her know your intention.

Girls want us to behave like men.

So you have to be willing to expose yourself and risk rejection for a girl to open herself up. If you’re waiting for a girl to get intimate with you instead of being the one to make it happen, you will be disappointed.

I hope this article has given you a deep insight into girls and how to get a girl.

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