There are many realities. In this energy, in your life, now more than ever, you can experience miracles, everyday. This may sound far fetched. There can be miracles when you believe. Who knows what miracles you can achieve, when you Believe. I am reminded of the beautiful duet that Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston performed of the Disney song When You Believe. I also was guided to Josh Groban singing, Believe. My guides and angels have been talking to me for weeks about this topic, these songs and now I am ready to write about this information. When You Believe.

With freewill it must be mentioned that you do not need to believe anything. So please continue knowing that.

So, why believe? Many times we think we know what we want in life and many times we don’t get what we want. This can be a time of sadness, defeat and thinking that God is not on our side. Hope feels fleeting as we lose loved ones, jobs, and everything that we considered good in our lives. When we experience such loss, what in the world is on the other side of it?

This is when our belief system becomes all that much more important. When you can’t find yourself through your pain, when you can’t find the hope, when you can’t find the reason you once thought you had. What can you believe in?

This is the time to find out what do you believe.

Many times the Universe will respond to your belief system. Are your beliefs in line with what you truly want in life?

There can be miracles when you believe, though hope is frail it is hard to kill. When you believe, somehow you will. ~Disney

What I know about Believing. Faith is evidence of things unseen, but seeing helps a lot!

If you are in a place of challenge and you do not know which way to turn, when you are blinded by your pain, remember these 3 keys:

1.You Are Not Alone

You are surrounded in every moment by your Higher Self, angels and ascended masters who have walked the earth before you. What many of us were never taught, but can learn now, is that we are connected to Divine Wisdom through our heart, to a higher being within us called our Higher Selves. We can ask for help at anytime by calling on our Higher Self.

We have access to angels and ascended masters, we only need to call on them to help us with anything on our lives, we need only to believe and ask for their help.

When you believe you call on the highest forces of the Universe. Along with our Higher Self and angels and ascended masters we can call upon the forces of the Universe. To allow more fully this assistance allow yourself to:

2. Receive the Bounty and Providence That is Yours

If you are in the thought pattern of thinking that you have to figure everything out for yourself, you are blocking miracles. Making it happen is one way of operating in the world, be aware, that allowing the Divine to work through you is a reality that you can realize.

When you believe and if you believe, for it is truly up to you, know that:

What you believe will come true. If you believe less than hopeful and miraculous experiences for yourself, know that these are false beliefs.

Our lives are what we believe. We are that powerful. If we watch the nightly news we will see this or that, so many disempowering belief systems. If we believe all of that, do we have anything good to believe in?

My offering to you, is to believe in your world, your grace and your power. Your prayers now are mighty, they always have been, just know, that they are magnified by many sentient beings who believe, pray, know and hold on to with tenacious hope of a world that is at once kind, compassionate and beyond the realm of any power we have identified with thus far on earth. For true power is reclaimed now. It is our undying hope. It is our undying faith. It is our undying belief. It is our freedom, and in love and service, we are guided to continue the human race with the power of God as our guiding light.

3.Find Your Faith

If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything is what comes to me to remind you about Faith.

Do you hear a dream in your heart? Whether or not you believe it can happen, stop your mind from convincing yourself from otherwise. We all have ego’s and we all have a higher self. Your dream stands the test of time. If you do nothing about it , it will never go away. It has the strength and conviction to be brought to fruition. Whether you believe in it or not, it exists. So when you think of it, do not minimize it. Have courage to birth your dreams. They are yours, all yours. Nurture them. With Faith and Belief you will find yourself living your dreams, Have Faith, Courage and the Love in your heart that there are miracles when you Believe.

This is a time for your belief system to manifest. Are you willing to let go of the past and everything that has ever held you back? Are you ready to forgive yourself and others and see your life as the beautiful testament that it can be? Your life can be transformed into the light of love that is. When you believe, that you are love, that you are light, then nothing else matters. When You Believe that you can change the world, You Will, and the world will never be the same, your belief and purpose is unique, and there is no one quite like you that can make this same difference. So Believe, Believe in You. There are Miracles When You Believe.

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Anne Deidre is the author Extreme Intuitive Makeover 55 Keys to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Inner Visions The Healing Path of Art and Spiritual Enlightenment Oracle Cards A Toolkit for Creating Divine Magic in Your Life. She is a healer, inspirational speaker, artist and facilitates powerful healing as an intuitive life coach. Her television show The Intuitive Millionaire Coach show airs weekly. Please visit her website at and receive your free intuitive makeover.