The world of Cricket is at a standstill. Cricket series throughout the world have been canceled, and a lot of cricket playing boards have been suffering from no revenue generation for the past few months. Even the online cricket betting sites have had to manage with the possibility of no action for the next few weeks. 

While this is the situation with all the other sports activities, due to the limited number of countries that play cricket, it is extremely important to ensure that the countries that are still playing the game have enough funds to survive this period of low cricket. 

Some countries like England are considering a different way of organizing tournaments. With the upcoming series with the already struggling board of West Indies canceled, they have come out with a new way of hosting this and subsequent tournaments. 

There is a proposal where cricket grounds like Old Trafford and Southampton which have a hotel on-site be allowed as venues. The idea is to make them biosecure. All the team players, staff, media, and anyone else who would be covering the matches can stay there permanently. 

There will be no visits allowed. 

The body temperature of each player and human personnel will be checked every day to ensure safety, and then the matches can be continued to be played on these grounds. If this goes well, it could lead to 6 Test Matches, 6 One Day Internationals, and 6 T20 matches. 

One hindrance this could lead to would be that nowadays, there are specialist players for each part of the tournament. This could lead to the possibility of having a large squad of players being chosen in order to play the games. 

While the England and Wales cricket board considers this possibility, another country has silently picked up this form of cricket. 

There came a country and a cricket match series we bet you might have not even heard of. We are talking about the Taipei T10 league that is taking place in Taiwan! 

The 4-week tournament is a 10-over per side match, which is being played between 8 teams. The 8 teams are divided into a pool of 4 teams each, and at present, the qualification stage for the Semi-Finals is going on. 

What we were surprised to see was the amount of innovation that went behind it. In order to ensure that the viewers are able to watch these games, Sports Tiger, the sponsors of the tournament have a specially built app where everyone can watch the match live - ball by ball. This is free of cost. 

While the players that are part of the game are probably names that you would have not heard of, they have still managed to garner a small fan following in the short period they have been playing. Running for only 10 overs, the scores have reached as high as 112 runs with the batsmen 

Overall, while these are tough times, we still hope that cricket will return to our screens within a few weeks. 

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