Introduction: Seeing your child growing up in front of your eyes is a great pleasure. In fact, there is no comparison to this happiness. But every mother comes at a point when you become confused. A question comes to your mind that is when to put baby in stroller without car seat? Well, you are not alone in this transition point. Like you many want to start using a stroller without a car seat. On one side you think it is convenient to shift them from car to stroller easily. On the other hand, your child has not seen anything worse than this.

Rules: Are there any rules about when you can put your toddler in a stroller without a car seat? The answer is easy and simple “no”. But considering the convenience, you can shift anytime.

Why are you using a car seat?

Do you want to shift from a car seat travel system to a stroller without a car seat? Then you should know the reasons why you are using a car seat travel system. If you are clear about it, you can decide when to put baby in stroller without car seat.

Convenience: As the name suggests the car seat travel system comes up with a car seat. The seat can be attached to a stroller frame. You will find a 2-in-1 combo car seat travel system along with a stroller from all the manufacturers. However, you can buy the stroller separately as well. In that case, you have to purchase the right attachments. Though it is popular among the new parents, it is not a necessity for a stroller. Rather it is convenient for the car journey. The parents feel easy to move their baby from the car to the stroller.

Feature of a perfect stroller: As a parent, you might have spent a lot of time finding out a perfect stroller for your baby. The best stroller for your baby is the one that reclines fully. As the babies don’t have any control over their neck and head, strollers that recline are perfect.

Why should you shift to a stroller without a car seat?

The answer is simple. Car seat arrangement is convenient for the parents not for the child. Besides this, real-life events are showing that using a car seat is detrimental for your baby. It lowers the supply of oxygen to your baby’s lungs. Therefore, it can hamper the normal growth of your baby. Experts suggest parents reduce the time of sitting on a car seat for their baby. Moreover, a long time sitting can cause a spot on their neck.

So, as a caring parent, you should transit your baby to a stroller without a car seat. However, you can go for a double stroller with bassinet.Even the experts allow this kind of stroller. Because they allow the child to fully recline.

When to do so?

Now you know that keeping your child on a car seat for a long time is harmful to your baby. I have also discussed that using a car seat is not a necessity for a stroller. So, you can understand that you don’t have to wait to stop using a stroller with a car seat. I would rather say it is a choice or preference for the parents. Though some parents keep waiting for their child to be able to keep their neck upright. I think it is not right. If you start using a stroller that fully reclines you should not wait to transfer.

Moreover, experts say if your baby has GERD you should immediately transfer it to a stroller without a car seat.

Conclusion: I hope you got the answer to your question. If you are still using a car seat on a stroller, then change it now. You are maybe comfortable with it but it will harm your child in the long run. If you are doing this already then keep using this. Otherwise, your child may face a severe problem in the future. There is no fixed time to transfer and using a car seat in a stroller is not a basic requirement. I think you should not think twice tor transfer your child to a stroller without a car seat.

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