When To Have Intercourse To Get Pregnant: Best Time To Try To Get Pregnant

When to have intercourse to get pregnant is a popular question asked by a number of people, particularly those in a relationship who are considering having a child. Very often women are more interested in this question than men, especially those who are having difficulties conceiving.

If you are looking for an answer to the question, when to have intercourse to get pregnant because you are thinking of having a baby this article will discuss how you can do so quickly. You may even be one who have been trying for some time to get pregnant but have not succeeded. For you, I also say there is hope.

This article will discuss when to have intercourse to get pregnant quickly and will provide information on how to get pregnant quickly and naturally even if you are struggling to get pregnant.

The best time to have intercourse to get pregnant is when the woman is ovulating. This is the time when the woman is fertile and can get pregnant if she has intercourse around this time.

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This raises another question, which is, when is the ovulation period or when does a woman ovulate. Since ovulation determines fertility, we need to know when the woman ovulates so that she can have sex at the right time if she wants to get pregnant.

This one factor of not knowing when a woman is fertile is one of the main reasons why some women take time to get pregnant. Women are only fertile for, may be, a day or two in a whole month. When that period is missed, a woman needs to wait for another month to try again to get pregnant. A month is a long time to wait and try again but if you keep missing this vital dates, before you know it many months would have passed by without being pregnant.

If you are going to know when to have intercourse to get pregnant, it is therefore vital to know when ovulation is taking place.

Ovulation occurs a few days after the end of the menstruation period. This period is the actual period of blood flows that a woman goes through for about 3 to 7 days once in a month.

There are two ways to calculate when a woman is ovulating. The first way is to expect ovulation between 5 to 10 days after menstruation. The second way is to expect to ovulate 14 days before your next period.

To use the second way of predicting the ovulation period you must know when your next period is due. You will then count 14 days from the date you expect to have your next menstruation and arrive at the expected ovulation period.

In summary, to know when to have intercourse to get pregnant, you will need to know when the woman is ovulating and is in her most fertile period through ovulation. Ovulation happens a few days after menstruation and can be calculated using one of the two ways mentioned above.

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There is a cure for infertility, actually there are many cures. Even if you feel as though you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, you must not give up hope because many times the solution is simpler than you thought it could have been.

When trying to find a cure for infertility usually women will try fertility drugs, injections, acupuncture and other methods. So after years of trying why have none of them worked?

There are many reasons why women can't get pregnant, but the most common is because of all the conflicting information that is out there. It is hard to find a professional to trust when you go to one doctor who prescribes one drug, and another who prescribes a different drug to balance the effects of the first drug.

Getting pregnant is like trying to achieve anything in life. If you try one method, then hop to another, then to a third and a fourth, it is difficult for your body to adjust to everything that is hitting it. However, if you stick to one method and just continue doing it you are more likely to find success.

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Stress is the main reason women can't get pregnant, and associated with the stress is the urge to keep trying different things. This is a big mistake, and if you can get rid of the stress you will find that getting pregnant naturally is not out of reach.

It is perfectly understandable when the desire to have a family is that high that the stress levels are going to be high when you feel like you are facing failure with everything you try. The most important thing your body needs in order to prepare itself for conception is to reduce the emotional stress that has been imposed on it.

There are many different ways of doing that, from taking a trip on a weekend, taking baths with calming aromatherapy scents, listening to soothing music, exercising, reading, breathing exercises, massages, acupuncture and many more. All of these methods reduce stress, which is the biggest inhibitor for any cure for infertility.

Once the stress levels are down, you can then move on to step 2, which is to find natural remedies for getting pregnant because the synthetic drugs given by doctors have been shown to be either ineffective or effective but overall dangerous to the health of the woman.

So, first and foremost, relax. Learn to relax and reduce stress because without that, the body will still stay be under too much pressure to increase fertility.

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I sometimes hear from women who want to know that their boyfriend or husband needs to do to help them conceive a boy or girl baby. Occasionally, I hear from the men themselves who are trying to do everything in their power to help the woman they love get the baby gender of her choice. The truth is, there is plenty that a man can do to help conceive a boy or girl baby. But sometimes, his role is more of a supporting one, which might come as a surprise to you.

Here are a few examples. Many people ask me what the man should be eating to achieve a certain sperm PH. Or they want to know if he should restrict himself in terms of food, exercise, or the clothing that he wears. The truth is, the PH of his sperm does not affect baby gender in the way that a woman's PH does. Plus, men have a 50 / 50 ratio of Y to X sperm (boy and girl producing.) And this is typically true no matter what his family history is (in terms of baby gender) and no matter what makes up his diet.

There have been studies which show that even men who have had only boys or only girls still have these same ratios. I know that men can be desperate to help and are more than willing to tweak their diet or their lifestyle to help their partner get the gender that she wants. But this just isn't necessary as it is vaginal PH (rather than sperm PH) that really matters. With that said, there is definitely a part that a man can play, which I'll discuss below.

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Be Willing To Wait Until The Time Is Exactly Right To Have Sex: I know that it is very exciting when you are trying to conceive. When your wife or girlfriend gives you the green light that it's time to make a baby, then it's normal to want to get right to work and to let the fun begin. However, there is often a very good reason to wait. When you are trying to choose your baby's gender, you often have a much smaller conception window than you would if you didn't care about baby gender. Because if gender doesn't matter, you can have sex anytime in the larger fertility window. But for a girl baby, you want to have sex only before ovulation. And for a boy, you want to only have sex after it. So there will only be a few ideal days for conception. Some days will have to be passed up. Understand this and plan accordingly.

Know That You'll Need To Invest In Some Tools And Do Some Detective Work: The biggest mistake that I see people make when they are trying to choose their baby's gender at home is that they will assume that they know when they are ovulating without actually testing themselves. Or, they hope that they have the right PH without really knowing for sure. Guessing is the worst thing that you can do. Make sure your girlfriend or wife has a good ovulation predictor and PH tester and, more than that, make sure she uses it regularly and uses the applicable charts for both.

Understand That The Act Of Sex Many Not Be As Spontaneous As Usual: I know that it's very romantic and exciting to think that when you have sex, you might be creating a baby. But it's important that you decide on the sexual position that you will use ahead of time. When you are not trying to conceive, being spontaneous with the timing of sex and the positions that you use is fine. But when you are trying to conceive, your sexual positions can matter a great deal. For a girl, you want to use shallow penetration. And for a boy, you need deep penetration. What positions that accomplish these things vary from couple to couple.

I know this might sound staged and planned (which isn't as much fun,) but there's a reason for this. Deep penetration helps the weaker boy producing sperm with the shorter shelf life. And shallow penetration is better for producing girl babies because it discourages those Y's which can't live for very long.

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All babies are sweethearts, but there's no denying that there's something extra special about a newborn baby girl. Little girls are precious and if you are trying to conceive a girl you may believe that it's all in fate's hands. That's not necessarily the case. There are a few methods for conceiving a baby girl that many people claim work.

One of the suggested methods for trying to conceive a girl has to do with when to have intercourse. Instinctively, when you are trying to get pregnant, you're thinking that making love as close to the time of ovulation is optimum. When you want a girl, you need to adjust the timing just a bit. For the best chance of conceiving a girl you should have intercourse as soon as your cycle ends and then up to two days before the day of ovulation. You have a better chance of having a boy if you try right when ovulation is happening, so do everything you can to avoid that. Also, deep penetration isn't a good idea if you are trying to conceive a girl. Making love in the missionary position is best.

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Eating foods that are rich in calcium is important if you are planning on nourishing a baby for the next nine months. An added benefit to eating more yogurt and cheese and drinking more milk is that you are creating a great environment when you are trying to conceive a girl. You should avoid eating salty foods and those loaded with caffeine. It certainly doesn't hurt the soon to be dad to eat some extra dairy too. He'll need all the energy he can muster once your little princess is born in nine months.

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