Many people question that when to get a hair transplant? Hair transplant is a type of surgery aim to restore hair growth in the area of the scalp with limited and absent growth. It is a preferred method used by doctors for many years. In this method, the surgeon extracts the hair follicular unit from the back of the head and transplants them into the scalps of the recipient site. This procedure has two basic methods distinguished on the basis of extraction method including, follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. It is a common problem and more than 50% of women and 60% of males face this problem in their lifetime. There are certain factors that can trigger hair fall including, poor diet, stress, illness, hormonal imbalance, and age. It may also come down to genetics. It preferred and recommended treatment by the doctor to restore hairs because it has minimal side effects and a high success rate. But people usually get confused when to get a hair transplant?
It is best to consult the doctor to get the answer of when to get a hair transplant? And if you are an eligible candidate or not. Because the surgeon considers many factors including age, hairstyle, quality of donor's hair, etc. before recommending the treatment. According to hair transplant surgeons, young men in their early 20s may not be the best candidates for hair restoration surgery. This is because the hair loss cause or pattern may not be confirmed yet.
When people start to lose hair in the early stage of life, it becomes depressing and irritating. So, they want to get treatment. In these cases, an early hair transplant may sound like a good option to get the precious locks back. But a young patient must understand that transplanted hair will remain constant, but hair loss is a natural phenomenon that can weaken the strands with passing time. As the years will pass, they will lose more hair, and the mark to strip may become visible. This will give patients an unnatural and unwanted look and they might want to redo the transplant, for which they will have to pay again. If the hair loss pattern remains the same over time, the donor hair will not be able to keep a natural pattern of hair growth. That’s why; the early 20s might not be the best time to get a hair transplant. So, the answers to when to get a hair transplant? The best time to get this treatment after 35 years of age.
If you are wondering when to get a hair transplant? Which weather would be suitable? So the answer is, to avoid infection a patient should choose relatively cold weather because in summer there is lots of sweating and sweat can cause itching and infection which can result in bad hair transplant. There is another thing; in summer there is very bright sunlight which is also not favorable for hair transplant. You should also try to choose the time of holidays, maybe Christmas because this time, all companies shut down their offices. After a hair transplant doctor advises you to avoid exercise, take rest, and relax. Whatever time you chose to get treated you will need to you will have to plan to get it scheduled.
When to get a hair transplant? Has also been a frequently asked question. People always wonder if they are eligible or not. If at the early stage of life, your hairs start to shed off and affecting your looks. It is better to try to treat them with medicines and over-the-counter drugs because hair may fall again in The 40s or 50s after getting a hair transplant in the early 20s. If you want to know more detail, click

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