Hemp CBD is known to affect the body. In some cases, the effect of CBD can be enhanced or attenuated in combination with regular medicines. We explain when caution with CBD is desired.

Firstly make it clear: Hemp is not Cannabis or Weed

When we talk about hemp products, we are talking about industrial fiber hemp or the dietary supplements extracted from carefully controlled, legally grown fiber hemp. The difference between the plants is, among other things, in the amount of permitted THC in the plant and the products that are made from it.

The difference between hemp and cannabis can be confusing, but these are the correct terms to determine the distinction.

Symptoms and Cooperation
Both THC and CBD affect the body and mind. Of course, medicines too. Because the processes in the body for the absorption of cannabinoids and medicines can be the same, one can weaken or strengthen the other. This is exactly why a GP can properly assess whether the use of medicinal weed is safe in combination or even as a substitute for another drug. Medical cannabis can cause side effects just like any other medicine.

Increased risk of side effects (The dangers of CBD Oil)
Some patients are better off not using medical cannabis. People with the following conditions or situations are more likely to experience side effects.

  • Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression
  • Cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, arrhythmias
  • Children and adolescents under the age of 22
  • Pregnant women

Most common side effects
Most (medical) cannabis products have a high THC content. THC makes you high or stoned. That substance is therefore responsible for most side effects. As stated earlier, we do not find THC in hemp products.

Cannabis, with THC, enhances the action of alcohol, benzodiazepines (hypnotics) and opiates (strong painkillers). The risk of negative side effects is high if you use such drugs in combination with medical cannabis. In this article, we mainly discuss products with cannabidiol (CBD), which can be found in both hemp and cannabis. Interestingly, CBD counteracts many of the negative side effects of THC.

Interaction with other medications
CBD is used regularly to reduce side effects of other medicines. But in some cases, medicines affect the effect of CBD. There are blood-thinning medications where you have to be careful not to use too much CBD. Those are the Vitamin K antagonists and coumarin derivatives.

Side effects and CBD
In general, the fact that some medicines have an effect on CBD has no adverse effect. With a reduced effect you can just use a little more CBD. With an enhancement of the effect, CBD will work better. Side effects generally do not occur.

This is somewhat different with THC: When the effect is enhanced by a medicine, someone suddenly gets high much faster.

CBD, when used in large amounts, can enhance the effect of some medicines. This is especially important for those blood thinners on which CBD has an effect (coumarins). By further delaying clotting, the risk of bleeding increases. Additional testing or consultation with a doctor or thrombosis service is the motto. At normal dosages (up to 30 drops of 5% CBD oil per day), the effect will generally be so small that there is no danger.

If CBD is taken in such a large amount that the regular medicines start to work noticeably stronger or cause side effects. The dosage of that medicine can be reduced in consultation with the doctor. In practice, few of these effects have been reported when using CBD as a dietary supplement.

Advice from the doctor
Medical cannabis is also available in the form of cannabis or other prescription products when you buy CBD oil UK. The difference is that it has indeed been determined which substances exactly are in these products and how much. Contrary to what is available in the shop. It doesn't matter what you think you use. If you feel that there is something wrong with your health. Go to the doctor and discuss the right product. The differences between hemp, cannabis and CBD are significant.

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Misty Jhones