There must be a lot of male friends who have encountered such a problem, scrotal itching. In public places during the day, it can be so bad, and it interferes with sleep at night.

What caused moist and itchy scrotum?

1. Physiological factors

Excessive temperature in the scrotum is the most common cause. The heat in the local environment of the scrotum can not be emitted easily, which will lead to the increased local temperature of the scrotum, and the secretion of sweat in the scrotum skin can get increased as well, which will lead to the moist situation of the scrotum. Physical excessive sweating, long sitting, working in a high temperature environment and being fond of wearing tight underwear are the causes of scrotal moisture.

2. Pathological factors

Diseases such as chronic prostatitis, varicocele, male menopause syndrome, and eczema of scrotum may also lead to the moist and itchy sensation. Most of them are caused by a variety of factors such as poor hygiene, bacterial or fungal infections. If not cured for a long time, itching will gradually spread to the anus and surrounding areas.

When the scrotum is moist and itchy, what can males do?

1. Wear baggy underwear

Part of the cause of scrotal moisture has to do with tight underwear, since the scrotum itself has a certain ability to expand and contract, and its skin contains a large number of sweat glands. As a result, being in a closed environment for a long time will definitely lead to scrotal moisture. When choosing underwear at ordinary times, it is suggested that males should choose breathable underwear with 100% cotton, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of scrotal moisture.

2. Use prickly heat powder

Prickly heat powder is used to dry the skin. Before applying prickly heat powder, you should clean your scrotum with water, and do not use water with too high temperature, which may aggravate the symptoms. In daily life, males should eat less spicy and stimulating food, keep a regular schedule and avoid staying up late.

3. Don't misuse medicine

Locate the real cause of the disease so that the appropriate medicine can be taken. When the symptom is not serious, you should take oral medicine to treat it. If it is caused by chronic prostatitis or related problems, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used. Don't make your own decisions while you should follow your doctor's treatment plan. Stick to your medication and maintain a positive attitude.

4.Keep healthy habits in daily life

Good living habits can help you avoid a lot of diseases and problems. Personal hygiene is essential if you want to improve the health of your scrotum. Also, eating more fruits and vegetables and getting more exercise can help improve your body's defenses, including those of your genitourinary system. Male friends also need to control their sexuality and not overindulge in sexual behaviors. When good habits are incorporated into your daily routine, your future will be healthier and brighter.

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