This is a follow up to the article entitled ‘The Eleventh Hour’, in which we discussed the value and need of a deadline. Now we shall discuss where the power of having a deadline comes from.

The reason desires do not make things happen is because they lack intensity. If you want the universe to follow your command you must make the command with a level and in the same type of power to match the Universe.

The Universe is Mind. All is Mind. The material universe, along with all things material, have their beginning in a thought which was then followed by coming to be in material form. What have we created that did not begin as a thought in our mind? And so we can say the material universe is actually an expression of a thought based universe.

The thought based universe functions on thoughts alone. ‘As we think so shall we create.’ ‘God spoke the word, the word conveyed a thought, and things came into existence.’ ‘As soon as he thought, it was made.’

These are all sayings from ancient texts that tell us that to think is to create. It is obvious that the chances of creating something of value and winning out over the competition or getting someone to follow your commands are all in direct proportion to the strength of the command.

Everything begins with thought and, in order to achieve our goals, quite often we require something out of our control, something greater than we are capable of doing ourselves. This makes the intensity of our thoughts the crucial factor to success. Intense thoughts will create their material form, be it success or a belief that people and the whole universe are all against you. ‘As I think, so it shall be.’

Since humans are in general lazy, our thought power is very weak. When we are faced with a ‘do or die’ situation, our thoughts become very intense and focused. This is natural as the adrenaline will speed up the heart rate and pump more blood to the brain which sharpens the senses. We do not need to rely on a physical situation to produce this effect, which in some cases is so strong we lose control of our mind. Rather, we can, through direct, conscious effort of focusing on one goal, create the same power while keeping it safely under control.

This is why we must set a deadline that is ‘do or die’. ‘If I don’t act now, I never will or it will be too late.’ This intensifies our thoughts to the level that commands the Universe to deliver miracles, in proportion to the intensity of the desire which is boosted by the pressure of impending doom.

A word of warning, be careful what you risk or what bridges you burn, you may not be ready to ‘burn your bridges’ to force success. Think wisely but do not use that as an excuse not to give up anything. Start with small things and work your way up. You are the master of your destiny, if you stay asleep in a lower cabin you will never be able to steer the ship. However when you are learning to drive, start at a slower speed.

The method to increase the intensity is to constantly think about the subject or object. The more you think about something, the stronger the intensity gets. Although this sounds obvious and most people say they cannot keep their mind that focused, they are very wrong about their abilities.

The irony is that the person who says their mind is not strong enough to stay focused on their goal, blames the strength of their mind. That very same person will find, through even minimal self reflection, that they do have a very powerful mind that does stay focused on something almost constantly, unfortunately that is usually something very negative or destructive.

For example, the thought that it will rain on the weekend when I have a day off, or all through my vacation, or ‘I always lose money when I invest in the stock market’ or ‘I never meet a decent guy’, are all common thoughts that are virtually perpetual, and deliver their material result.

We all have the ability to keep focused on a thought, but we do not use wisdom in choosing what thoughts we stay focused on. This is the key to success, you have the power, but you are not using it wisely.

Take control of the steering wheel and guide your mind to thoughts that you want to have in your life rather than thinking of the things you want to avoid.

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David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
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