The need to protect your income is often overlooked by many people and it is mostly because they feel that it is not needed. The fact that they have a stable income from a good steady job, often misleads them into thinking that it is an unnecessary expense that they can do without. The thing you have to ask yourself is that, even though your work is secure, what happens to your income when you end up falling seriously ill or your end up having a car accident and you cannot work for more than the allotted sick leave that your company gives you?

It’s never an easy thing to answer and making provisions for it is never an easy decision either because you always feel resentment towards that monthly premium that you are paying month in and month out. At the end of it all there is still a whole lot that can happen to you and that payment is essentially a risk premium that you have to pay for regardless of whether or not you are going to claim for it. A lot of this is explained on insurance sites similar to where you can get access to the information you need and get the quotes you are looking for if you are interested in getting the cover put in place.

You have to be able to choose specific cover amounts to ensure that if you income protection policy has to be used; you still get the minimum amount required to let you carry on with your life. If your employer can no longer afford to pay you while you are recovering, they may terminate your employment until such time that you can come back to work or they may even find a replacement for you. In which case, it’s going to be even harder for you to find work since you have to start all over again.
You also have to choose the amount of time that you want to be covered for, so that you know exactly how much time you have after your last day before you have to start worrying about all your bills and make sure that you find new work. If you are unable to find employment in time then you will have to start making arrangements with all your creditors to pay them off as soon as you have an income again.

If you can’t picture yourself in that position or you simply don’t want to find yourself in that position then an income protection policy is safest way to go as long you make provision accordingly.

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