When it comes to sex toys, the thought immediately goes to the vibrator, which is undoubtedly the most famous sex object, but within the large family of sex toys, there are an infinity of other objects: lubricants, handcuffs, condoms details, pornography, etc. Their goal, however, is the same: to increase the sexual pleasure of the individual and the couple.


There are many sex toys on the market, which can be grouped into different families according to their function:


Punitive: connected to sadomasochistic practices, they involve making the partner feel mild painful sensations with the aim of stimulating certain areas of the body. They include whips, tongs, duvets, and candles.

Edible: widely used for original gifts, for example, candy underwear.

Clothing: ranging from classic women's lingerie to heels, to leather pants.

Accessories: such as stimulating condoms, piercings, and the rosebud, which is a bijoux for the anal orifice that allows constant stimulation of the area.

Obstacles: laces (of various materials), handcuffs that greatly stimulate sexual fantasies, collars, hooks. Cockrings of various sizes and materials can also be counted among the hindering toys. These rings, in fact, constrict the scrotal area and the base of the shaft of the penis, providing a consistent erection (compression of the blood in the corpora cavernosa) and a possible possibility of an ejaculatory delay.

Substitutes: among which the dildo stands out, reminiscent of the male genital forms. A more advanced form is the double dildo, widely used in female homosexual relationships. The dildo is now better known as a vibrator, which can be of different shapes and sizes (see the famous "rabbit" model that allows simultaneous clitoral stimulation) and also controlled wirelessly through an app on the phone.

Table games, to be played also in groups, first of all, strip poker.

Not categorized, i.e. those that do not fall into any of the previous categories such as penis pumps, latex vaginas, and inflatable dolls.



But what use can they have in the sexuality of the couple and the individual? 


Firstly and foremost importantly, it helps to revitalize a long-term relationship in which you feel a decrease in desire, you can find a playful dimension or dare more space for foreplay.


A vibrator can be recommended for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm or have primary anorgasmia.


Regarding their therapeutic use, it has been discovered in recent years that their use in cases of vaginismus can have significant effects on the patient's well-being. As already explained elsewhere, vaginismus is the involuntary spasm of the outer third of the vagina.


Shortly before sexual intercourse or various types of penetration, the vulvo-perineal muscles tighten so strongly that they do not allow the penetration itself. This disorder also affects other spheres of a woman's life, besides the sexual one: think of the simple use of internal tampons, fingers or a gynecological examination.


The cause of vaginismus seems to be purely psychological and consists in a real phobia of penetration, which leads some patients, in the most serious cases, to escape from the gynecologist's bed or to totally avoid romantic relationships in order not to incur probable intimate relationships.


After a thorough gynecological examination to exclude organic causes and in conjunction with psychological therapy, it is advisable to combine the integrated job therapy, widely used in the sexological field.


It is a brief and strategic, directive therapy, oriented towards a specific purpose such as modifying actions, emotions, and beliefs about sexuality. In it, there are many elements deriving from the cognitive-behavioral approach.


This therapy includes a series of practical exercises to train the pelvic muscles and to learn more about your body and its sensations. Among the various prescriptions, some of his own use of sex toys, in particular a kind of dildo of different caliber, from the smallest (less than a little finger) to the largest (similar to a penis).


Thanks to their use, the patient gradually gets used to the sensation of a foreign body in the vagina, and moreover, it can be she who controls this process with serenity, without fear of disappointing the partner during sexual intercourse.


After the first stages of therapy, if the patient so wishes, we move on to the use of vibrators, first smaller and then larger, with which to experience sexual pleasure in autonomy.


Many patients are surprised and amazed when the gynecologist tells them that he has succeeded in inserting the first object in the vagina, and many of them after years of suffering can resume a normal sexual life.


Although we have seen beneficial effects on psychophysical well-being, if used improperly, sexual objects can affect normal sexual life or even the development of paraphilias.


In fact, some people manage to get aroused only by using sex toys and no longer with a "classic" sexual relationship. This is why it would be good to carry out adequate sexual education from adolescence that presents sexuality and the conscious use of sex toys in a realistic way.

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