When sales professionals avoid any situations, where they have the potential to fail or make mistakes, they are limiting themselves and are in fact positioning themselves to fail. The fear of failure or rejection holds far too many sales professionals hostage. They have the ability and the perfect product or service, to help them create long term sustainable, mutually beneficial sales relationships with their prospects and clients, yet they remain trapped in mediocrity, because of their irrational fear.

The only way to break through the self-imposed glass ceiling of your sales potential and move to the next level of sales success is to see your comfort zone, as an expanding bubble of possibility. Make a conscious effort every day to test the limits of your comfort zone. See how far you can step outside it, by making strides to do things every day, which will gradually push you outside your comfort zone and test your resolve.

As you gradually test the limits of your comfort zone, by approaching prospects in a different part of town or in a different and unusual industry, you are expanding your comfort zone, by gradually transforming what was once very uncomfortable, into something familiar. This simple process of gradually expanding your comfort zone, opens the floodgates of possibility and will bring many new opportunities, which were previously hidden from you into clear sight.

Picking your New Targets
Ok so when the sales professional finally wants to break out of their current comfort zone and expand their sales world to include all these new possibilities, in new markets, industries and areas; where do they start? These prospects do not exist for them and are not even on the radar, so how do they identify and find them? As is often the case when faced with new difficult or challenging ideas or concepts, it is best to go back to basics.

Ask the following questions about your product or service:
What problems, challenges or needs does my product or service provide effective solutions for?
Are there any new markets you have not explored, which have similar needs or challenges?
Is there any other innovative ways my product or service can be used, to satisfy other needs in my existing or prospective clients businesses?
Has my current market changed, due to any new innovations or for any other reason and how can my product or service satisfy this new need?
What type of organisations will benefit from my product or service and where can I find them?
When conducting this exercise, stay focused on the problem your product solves or said differently concentrate on the underlying benefit your clients and prospective clients will enjoy, as a result of building a long term sustainable sales relationship with you and your product and/or service.

This process of discovering new innovative ways to sell your products and services is achieved by looking for problems your product or service can eliminate from people’s lives. Then search and discover industries, markets, businesses and individuals, with these challenges and then work to gradually build mutually beneficial long term sales relationships with them.

Focus on the Needs of Your Clients
When you make this shift where you focus squarely on the needs of your client, rather than any similarity, which may exist between you and them, or you sell to them because it feels familiar and you have a great relationship with them, you become far more objective and the world opens up to you.

New opportunities which were hidden before will almost magically open up to you. Look around your world with an open mind, know with absolute clarity what your product and service can do, program your mind to constantly search for new possibilities, especially in unfamiliar and uncomfortable places and your sales universe will expand every day.

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