The past couple of years have certainly impacted many businesses. Some have shut their doors, while others have seen massive profits. Many are simply hanging on and hoping for the best.

Have your sales hit a brick wall? Do you hear objections on every sales call?

Perhaps you believe it’s bad timing, the wrong medium, or the big excuse – COVID.

Many entrepreneurs say the number of Website impressions is above average, but they aren’t converting into sales.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to take a hard look at your message.

First, let’s assume that you’re targeting the right people. You have a good grasp of your ideal client – the individual actively looking for a solution to a problem that you can solve. After all, that is what you are – a problem solver. But to be an effective problem solver, you have to know your client’s hotspots. (And believe it or not, rarely is it related to price.)

Does your marketing message reflect what YOU THINK they’re worried about or what YOU THINK they need?

Or have you tapped into THEIR real issues and delivered a solution to THEIR problem?

If you’re not reaching your sales targets, you need to re-assess your content. A change to your message could make a massive difference.

Review your Website content, brochures and sales letters. Get feedback from current clients and marketing experts to find out:

If your marketing message is clear.
If your marketing message is compelling.
If the next step you want someone to take is easily done.

Don’t ask if they like your material (they don’t want to hurt your feelings), but ask if they are motivated to take action and buy…and if not, what is missing?

Then listen. Pay attention. Be creative. All it may take to get your sales in the upswing is a fresh marketing approach that pushes the right buttons.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Regier, owner of Vantage One Writing, is an in-demand copywriter, marketing strategist, and business breakthrough specialist to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to have a profitable business they are passionate about. She has the uncanny ability to find the hidden gems in a business that can ignite sales and profits for her clients. Claim your free guide: 15 Tips to Increase Your Influence, Attract More Clients & Make More Money at