Would you be surprised to find that the world is split into just a few sectors when it comes to the world’s biggest companies? These sectors include: Banking and Finance, Oil, Gas and Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Consumer Goods, Steel and Mining, Telecoms, and Technology, plus others.

Big business for a number of countries is solely based around retail and consumer goods, nothing else comes anywhere near close. Retail and consumer goods outweigh banking and finance, steel and mining, and pharmaceuticals but which countries are they?

They can be found across Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. These countries, and each of their biggest business names are included in the list below, some of which you may never have previously heard of, others you will know of instantly:

Spain - Inditex
Belgium - Anheuser Busch InBev
Switzerland - Nestlé
Latvia - Rimi Latvia Sia
Belarus - Konte Spa
Tunisia - SFBT
Tanzania - Tanzania Breweries
Armenia - Grand Tobacco
Vietnam - Vietnam Dairy Products
Costa Rica - Corporacion Davivienda
Chile - Falabella

For a more detailed analysis and a greater insight to the world’s biggest retailers check out the infographic that we have linked here.

We have also pulled together a few basic details from a couple of the above big businesses for your reference, they make for really interesting reading.

Vietnam Dairy Products

Let us take a look at Vietnam’s biggest business, Vietnam Dairy Products as an excellent example of how to turn your consumer goods offering into the biggest in the country.

The company vision is to become a world grade brand in the food and beverage industry, where people put all their trust in nutrient and health products. Their mission is simple, to deliver the valuable nutrition to community with respect, love and responsibility. The core values of VinaMilk is integrity, respect, fairness, ethics and compliance.

Vietnam Dairy Products are well and truly on their way to fulfilling their vision of becoming a world grade brand in the food and beverage industry as they have been awarded the accolade of First Organic Dairy in Vietnam to be certified with EU Organic standard.


Switzerland’s biggest business is Nestlé, which started in 1866 and was named the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, Henri Nestlé soon developed a breakthrough infant food in 1867, and in 1905 the company merged to officially become Nestlé as we now refer to it today.

Nestlé brands are varied in 2018 and incorporate baby foods, bottled water, cereals, chocolate and confectionery, coffee, chilled and frozen goods, dairy and ice cream, milk based drinks, and pet care foods plus more.

Nestlé products are distributed worldwide, across every continent. The global headquarters remain in Switzerland in Vevey on Lake Geneva. Nestlé now operates in 189 countries across the world in 2018.

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