In poker, the term “all in” is used to describe the act of pushing all of your chips to the center of the table – letting it ride; going for broke. When it comes to living our lives, how many of us live so timidly that we will not go “all in?”

Do you linger forever on your successes, or do you celebrate and then set higher, tougher goals?

Do you consistently show up late, or are you rigorously punctual?

When you say you’re going to do something, do you actually do it – every time?

Do you under-commit and over-deliver, or the other way around?

Are you a “no excuses” person, or do you consistently and constantly rationalize, justify and blame others for your failures or shortcomings?

I’m an advocate of “burning the boats.” When you set a new goal, leave no room to return to the past and have no “plan B.” It’s the equivalent of sailing to an island and burning the boats. When YOU set a course, do you burn the boats or always give yourself an “out?”

Are you insatiable or do you “settle?” Do you strive for greatness, or is good enough, enough?

Likewise – are you satisfied being “just OK” with your life, or do you aspire to being “wildly happy?”

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