Hair loss can happen due to several reasons. At times, it is a combo of factors that trigger hair loss. So, you can hardly have a single approach to combating hair loss. Many times, a combo of therapies works best.

For example:

If you are suffering from hair loss due to nutritional deficiency, you must first correct the deficiency. This is the first step of your treatment.

Next comes the use of hair growth stimulating shampoo. It works as complementary to your nutritious diet plan, which is meant for correcting the deficiency.

Then comes proper handling of hair. Malnourished hair often become too weak to withstand harsh treatments and rough handling. They also tend to become brittle and break. You may need to change your hair combs and brush. Be gentle in detangling and styling hair.

Meanwhile, you must restrict synthetic salon treatments on hair. It’s best to avoid them completely, advises a hair expert. Let your hair get back its strength and glory first.

Advanced treatments

There are cases in which a simple hair loss shampoo fails to work. You may need to use advanced hair growth formula. They feature potent botanical extracts that stimulate hair growth. Many formulas contain minoxidil. Others may contain DHT blockers. You can find formulas with ingredients like Saw Palmetto, which is a powerful natural DHT blocker, coffee extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other such nourishing agents that work together to rejuvenate your scalp.

It’s always good to use sulfate-free, fortified shampoo and conditioner when treating your hair with advance formulas, suggest trichologists.

One of the benefits of sulfate-free shampoo is that it helps to cleanse residue buildup on scalp. Prolonged use of sulfate shampoos leaves sulfate residues on scalp. It gets accumulated over years. This can choke follicles. This is also one of the contributing factors for hair loss. A thorough cleansing of the scalp ensures good blood flow and nourishment.

A clean scalp also encourages better absorption of topical treatments like minoxidil.

So, as mentioned in the beginning, treating hair loss is not always a single-approach method. Most of the times, it is a cumulative approach featuring a series of steps. The idea is to create a favorable environment on scalp for good hair growth.

So, whether you use a hair growth stimulating shampoo, minoxidil formula, or some exotic treatment, you also need to change your hair care habits. At times, our habits are culprits for hair loss.

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