Research has discovered that the best time to list your home for sale is during the summer and spring season, prior to when the very first school bell rings for the season.
However, the present real estate market is far from being conventional. While it may be true that most home sales activities occur during the spring and summer period, the unceasing deterioration in inventory has shifted the season for home sales to the fall, closing up what had always been a gap between the sweet spots of home selling and buying.

It is necessary to know that home selling and buying season changes with regards to the market. The warmer parts of the country, such as Las Vega and Phoenix, are more active throughout the year compared to markets in other locations
Perhaps, you just got a new job, or you are expecting a baby, or maybe your grown-up kids are about moving out. Irrespective of what your reason may be, always make sure that the choice of selling your home aligns with your long-term goals as well as your current needs.

So, how do I know the right time to sell my home?
Before putting up a “For Sale” sign in front of your house, carefully consider the following five (5) factors, as you decide whether you are selling your home at the right time or not.

1. Your finances
Your personal finances are usually a major driving factor behind the sale of your home.In case you have been residing in your home for a long time, then you may have certain equities which you can use as down payment on a new house, or to pay-up other expenses. MarketWatch explains that in case the home you are putting up for sale is your main residence, and you have resided in it for at least two years for the past six years, then you won’t be held liable to pay capital gains tax on your first $250,000 for single homeowners and $500,000 for married homeowners.

On the other hand, if you are facing serious financial challenges, then it could simply mean that, now is not the right time to sell your home. For example, in case you are owing much more than what your house is worth, then you should reconsider your choice of selling your home now, if you do not want to lose money on the sale.

2. Life changes
It is difficult to always make plans for life’s toughest challenges. Most times, certain things just arise, and you will be left with no other choice but to sell your house and move out. Below are some of those circumstances that can cause such a decision:
• A new career or job
• Aged parents who require your help
• Enrolling your kids or yourself in a better school
• A medical condition which requires residing near a specialty hospital, or certain other accommodations.

Selling your home on a short timeline could be very stressful, however, there are certain ways to ease the process. In case you are selling your home traditionally, then consider selling the home as it is. This means you will make the sale price of the home a bit lower, in order to cover up for repairs, which are always time-consuming and also very expensive.

3. Downsizing or upgrading.
Sometimes your home may no longer suite your lifestyle or needs. Perhaps the number of bedrooms is no longer sufficient for your family, or your pets require a bigger yard, or maybe you need some office space to start up a home-based venture or business.

The decision to list your home for sell and upgrade can be spontaneous. It take time to consider what you really want before making your final decision. Walk around your home, and take note of the spaces you are using and how they meet up with your needs. Are storerooms overflowing? Do you need an extra bathroom? Is the kitchen not spacious enough?

In conclusion, when selling your home, you can engage a real estate agent like Avenue Residence, to help you in carrying out a new condo launch and buying new showflats, in order to make your home more attractive to potential customers. Want to buy condo and showflats? You can browse this site for more details on condo or showflats.

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