One reason why businesses can have problems with their lead generation process is due to the fact that they fail to recognize the solution for such problems. Issues like getting more B2B leads, finding a more effective way to generate sales leads, as well as look for more viable lead generation mediums to do the job, like telemarketing. While it may be important to take a look into improving the quality control of products and service, it may be necessary to take a look at the improvements themselves. Believe it or not, improving a current process might be the real culprit as to why we have a hard time getting business leads.

Yes, we all know that improving our manufacturing or operation process is a must, we must also be aware that too much of a good thing is never good. Indeed, there are managers who believe that continuous improvements in the process are the sole answer to their difficulty in getting business leads. That is straying from the truth. In fact, relying solely on this can stifle creativity and innovation (the two main powerful drivers for improved business operations). At worse, these managers would force their lead generation process to fit into whatever model or theory that is accepted at the time.

 Due to these risks, it might be necessary for you to follow some points in order to avoid these mistakes:

1.Customize your system – yes, you need to customize. You need to fit the theory or model to match your process, not the other way around. After all, your system is unique, and there are no ready-made answers to managing your process. You also have to keep a close eye on how things are being adapted so that the transition will remain as smooth as possible.

2.Consider the need for the process itself – you have to ask yourself whether what you need is to remove, modify, or change the system. Sometimes, the wrong choice is the source of all the problems. Also, there are some parts of the system that, although appears to be in need of improvements, may not need to be improved at all but only proper implementation. You might be able to save on time and effort that you can then divert to other, more important, processes.

3.Check the impact on your business culture – sometimes, an improvement system may clash with the inherent character of your business culture. Maybe the changes are too technical for your workers to handle. It might be possible that the changes will affect their productivity. This is especially a trick issue when it comes to generating business leads, since there are schedules made between your people and business prospects that might clash with your desired changes.

Still, what is important here is that you provide some slack in your creative process. Innovation is a continuous event, where an answer to a problem might actually come from a different place. Sticking to a single process, focused more on improving the existing process instead of looking for a better alternative, might make it harder to get more sales leads.

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