Some years back I read a book about a young woman who let her intuition lead her in every decision she made.

The book had a huge impression on me and changed my life. (Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it or the author.)

This young woman followed her inner promptings in every single decision she made. Listening to her intuition resulted in a series of serendipitous events; she went back to school, then moved out of state, met her perfect soul mate, and ended up working for the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach - in her dream job.

I remember thinking as I read, why doesn't my life flow like that?

After I finished the book, I knew exactly why my life never flowed like hers. This young woman let her gut guide her - I never had. I was always too scared of making a mistake, instead I played it safe and dismissed the promptings of my intuition. After reading this woman's story I decided that I needed to start practicing what I preached.

Here I was an intuitive easily able to dispense advice for others, but when it came to myself not able to trust my own intuition. When I said enough already, and started basing my decisions on my gut and not my rational mind - my life started to improve immediately.

Intuition is easy to overlook

Intuition is very subtle, which is exactly what makes it so easy to miss and overlook.It can come as a feeling in the gut - one that tells you that something is right or wrong, or it can come as a warning and a feeling of dread. Just as frequently, it's quiet like a whisper, or the flitting of a butterfly that touches down ever so lightly in our consciousness before disappearing.

With intuition, until you start paying attention you may not be aware of these flashes.

Once you begin to notice them though it's a bit like buying a new car you start seeing that model everywhere. When you put yourself on alert to be aware of these stirrings the same thing happens; the frequency of your intuitive insights increase. After that once you begin using your intuition to make decisions, it takes no time at all to see serendipitous events begin to appear in your life.

Serendipitous events are proof positive that you're hearing and following your intuition.

When we receive this direct knowledge we've tapped into the source that keeps the planets in their orbit, and the earth spinning on its axis. This infinite intelligence doesn't make mistakes. By plugging into it and using these intuitive insights our lives flow and all the details come together seamlessly.

Most people don't recognize or trust their intuition

The three biggest hurdles most people face in putting intuition to use are in recognizing the voice of intuition, differentiating it from their own thoughts, and trusting what they get. Intuitive thoughts stream through the mind more rapidly than our own thoughts. Not only that, but when they do appear they're usually complete ideas. In many case they feel as if they were downloaded whole into the brain. As far as trust goes, only jumping in with both feet and following hunches enough times to know that it's real will build that trust.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you hone your intuition and put it to work for you:

1. Create the intention to begin noticing your intuition. Tell yourself that you wish to become aware of your intuitive insights and that you will become aware of them.

2. Keep a small notebook with you at all times where you can jot down any thoughts that appear to have been downloaded whole into your mind without you generating them.

3. Give yourself many opportunities to practice. Before answering the phone ask yourself who it might be. When meeting with friends see if you get any impressions about what they will be wearing. Or what they'll order for dinner, etc. You can come up with dozens of little tests like this.

4. Make it a habit to meditate every day. Meditation is the most powerful way to boost your intuition. If you don't know how to meditate read my post.

5. When you're faced with a decision close your eyes and clear your mind. Ask yourself what next step to take - then stop thinking. See what comes to mind no matter how silly it might be. It could be an image, a word, or a thought. Examine this closely. It's usually your answer.

The point the author illustrated in her book was that letting intuition guide us allows us to go with the flow of our good in our lives. When we struggle to do the things our rational mind/ego tells us we "should" do we are swimming against this current.

Work on incorporating these tips into your life and I guarantee you'll see a huge rise in your intuitive insights and the number of seemingly miraculous coincidences that occur in you life and soon you'll be living your dream life too!

Have you ever let intuition guide you? What happened? Did you end up in an even better situation than the one you were striving toward?

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Angela Artemis is a freelance writer, intuitive coach, clairvoyant and medium. She's also a financial salesperson with 25 year background in financial planning, private banking and real estate finance. Her ability to navigate a demanding finance career while developing spiritually and psychically have given her a reputation as a very grounded and practical intuitive reader and medium. She's also been a meditation instructor, devoted many years to practicing and studying with spiritual teachers, developing her intuitive abilities, and learning how to shape her thinking to sculpt a successful and rewarding life.
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