As a mom I find that I am often providing services for which I have no training at all. For example; I have no business helping anyone with 9th grade math. In fact, I am finding that I am only slightly qualified to help with 4th grade math. And yet, on a regular basis, I hold my child’s hand and wade into the deep end of factors and algebraic expressions, as if I have a clue.
I also have no training as a Pediatrician. And yet, I appear to be the front line when it comes to medical matters in our household. I must make snap decisions and dole out remedies for headaches, coughs, colds, strains and aches. When two of my children collide into each other and begin yelling at each other and/or crying, I have to determine whether an ice pack will do the trick or if I have to load the whole clumsy gang into the old minivan and go see the REAL doctor. I now know that when my mother told me that I would feel better in the morning, it was wishful thinking and am thankful that she was always miraculously right.
I have also been known to masquerade as a plumber, electrician, batting coach and seamstress. Every time I fill out a form for school, a field trip or camp, I wish I had training as an Attorney. Is it me or are these forms becoming more and more complicated?
All of us have an experience of stepping into territory that requires us to “take it up a notch” as parents. How do we do this? Where do we get the confidence and how can we use that ability in our professional life? Celebrate your ability to take on unknown challenges and see where you might take on a few more. You’ve already proven you can do anything.
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Coach Me Quick Tips for Stepping Into the Unknown:
1. Where do you think your confidence comes from as a mother?
2. What is one area that you would like to step into with more confidence? Maybe there is something in your professional or personal relationships?
3. How could you utilize the confidence that you have as a mother, in another area of life?
4. What is one action that you can take today toward that goal?

Author's Bio: 

Jamee Tenzer is a professional certified life and career coach for working mothers and women in the entertainment industry. She is a published writer and a Facilitator and Trainer for the International Coach Academy.