When I was a flight attendant (back when it was actually fun to be one), I worked with so many different types of personalities. One crew member was so silly and dramatic. I remember him so clearly. He was able to get away with saying anything and passengers would just laugh. He had the absolute best delivery. One of his famous lines to passengers asking if he had an extra pen they could use was, “Do you mean to tell me you’re traveling internationally and you didn’t bother to bring a pen. That doesn’t seem very smart”. Well, passengers would laugh and laugh with him when he’d say it.

Well, I was just 21 years old at the time and thought he was pretty funny. I tried out his style by responding the same way he did to passengers asking to borrow a pen. Well, it didn’t go very well. The first person got really angry with me for saying that. I got in trouble. I learned my lesson really fast. What works well for one person is because of their style; their personality, their delivery... it won’t work the same for someone else.

It’s the same with marketing our business. The natural tendency when we’re new in business is to see what others who are successful are doing and copy it. I get that – I did that. In fact, many mentors actually teach us to do everything “their” way. The problem with that is that the message isn’t ours. Those words work for that particular person, not us. I don't believe in "cookie cutter" teaching.

When we use other peoples’ styles, the reader (or listener) can sense the incongruence of the message. As a result, we confuse or repel prospective clients. They don’t see what makes us special. For them, it’s like looking at people all in a team or school uniform. At first glance, everyone looks the same.

When you’re trying to grow your business, it’s important to differentiate. This is a process I am continually going through as I evolve. Re-evaluating what is mine and what needs to change. It's not a perfect, linear process. The clearer I get in my message, the easier it is for me to speak my truth. As a result, I attract lots of ideal clients who want my help.

I also know this can be a frightening process to get out of your comfort zone. It’s very scary to take your mask off and really show whom you are. It’s been scary at times for me, too. What’s helped me the most has been two things. First, working with my coach and getting lots of clarity. The second piece of the puzzle was doing the mindset work to feel really great about speaking my truth. Clearing out those worries as they pop up has made all of the difference in the world.

Some worries that "pop up" for many of us:
• What if “they” don’t like what I have to say?
• What if it sounds too different?
• What if “they” don’t like me?
Take a moment and write down what worries or fears "pop up" for you if you took your mask off.

The cool part is that as I release more of these fears and negative thoughts, I actually focus more on whom I can help by being my best self. That thought totally empowers me to be of service in an even bigger, bolder, better way. I easily attract more ideal clients. I’ve helped hundreds of clients easily have success on their own terms, too.

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Kate Beeders is an internationally known Success Coach, specializing in helping heart-centered Entrepreneurs make more money FAST! She has developed a powerful technique called the Success Activator System TM which combines her 3 areas of expertise: Business Development, Tapping and Laws of Attraction. This system helps her clients have success on their own terms - becoming bigger, bolder and better! - they attract more clients, more opportunities, more money and develop more self-confidence. This technique helped Kate increase her own income to over 6-figures very quickly and helps her clients make more money quickly, too. Many have doubled their income in a very short time!

As a highly sought after Transformational Leader, Kate frequently speaks at large events. She was a featured presenter for the 2011 and 2012 Tapping World Summit, (with a total of over 825,000 listeners worldwide). Her radio show “Tapping to Success” features internationally known experts. Kate was recently acknowledged by a New York Times & Hay House best-selling author in her latest book about the Laws of Attraction. She was also featured on Boston's Top Radio Station "Exceptional Women" Radio Series.

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