Alarm systems, both in the domestic as well as commercial, are sensitive equipment and need to be taken care of well. It’s not that they are brittle and will get knocked out at the drop of a hat. On the contrary, branded alarm systems from the best companies are extremely stubborn and are designed to take on a wide range of odds and brave them for long with success. 

Still, with time they either lose their sharpness and or viability. New technologies take over, and these are the times they need to be upgraded. There are specific signs that will tell that it's time to revamp the alarm system. Here on this page, we discuss the signs so that you get a fair idea about them. 

The images of the camera are blurred beyond recognition…

This is surely a time when you need to revamp your home alarm systems in Shellharbour and this happens when you have connected a low-resolution camera to a high-quality device. When that happens the images returned by the camera become blurred and hardly recognisable. It is high time for you to shift from an analog or 720 p camera to a Honeywell 1080p camera. The Honeywell IPCAM-WIC 1080p Wi-Fi Total Connect Camera will offer a wide-angle diagonal field and will give you a much clearer and a wider angle view. 

When you have shifted from onsite to offsite monitoring…

If you have an alarm security camera that is suitable for onsite use, it is time and sign for a decent upgrade. These days, the perpetrators are getting better and trying things to stay a few steps ahead of you. Therefore, to outsmart them, you need to have alarm systems that are suitable for off site monitoring as well. You need to have alarm systems with cutting edge technology, which will notify you about any breach of security on your mobile phones. If you do not have them yet, it’s high time you should have one, moving ahead of what you have at present. 

If you need onsite the remotely accessed alarm monitoring …

Are you still content with the presence of your neighbours, thinking that they are enough to make the authorities alert when there is an emergency when you already have some security cameras and an age-old security system in place? Well, this is not to take anything away from your neighbours and your existing cameras, but it’s a red flag for you. You need to upgrade your age-old security system to something state of the art, with cutting edge technology, which will be able to keep a strict vigil on proceedings, even that asks for remotely accessed alarm monitoring. It's high time to shift to high tech alarms in Shellharbour that will be enough to take on the contemporary security threats. 

If you have opted for home automation

As per the security pundits, home automaton is indeed the future of home security. It will not only give a shot in the arm of your home security, but it will also save energy and more importantly, it will augment your level of comfort and confidence by manifold. If you have opted for home automation and still have the old alarms and cameras up and running, then you will have to upgrade them. You need to opt for the more advanced cameras and alarm systems, which will be connected to the central system so that you will be able to keep an unabated vigil even from a remote location. 

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The author runs a company that sells home alarm systems in Shellharbour. The author is a technician and also an avid blogger.