When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? It is okay to admit you were. Many of us have had fears about something we could not see, or we imagined to be real. Hallows Eve brings back memories of witches brew, candied apples, ghosts and ghouls, and everything in between. But for some of us, there are real fears of the unknown – fears from past trauma, fears of isolation, fears about loneliness and even fears about guilt. All too often, we would rather live with those constant fears than face them head on.

It is tough trying to wade through those murky waters. It is much easier just to forget what has made us so fearful and continue to live in those confines. We become complacent in fact, knowing that we can blame something or someone for the life choices we have made. But what happens when it becomes habitual? What I mean by that is what if you continue to repeat the same behavior and the same reactions time and time again – each time, with a worse outcome? Do you always blame that past event, situation or person for the choices you continue to make? More often than not, you probably are. It is actually quite convenient to say, “If it weren’t for so and so, I wouldn’t be in this situation.” Imagine however, if you really had to accept your own responsibility in what is happening in your life. Oh no, the dreaded, “I goofed up. I made a mistake.” The consequence of that is your acceptance to be responsible for the action or inaction. The ultimate outcome is a learning experience in which you can absolve yourself by forgiving yourself and moving forward. Once you do, you are ready to go beyond those confines and understand what it is you need to do the next time to successfully overcome it.

No more “boos” or demons in your life! From this day forward, I want you to take a proactive lead in your life to forgive your fears. Rise above your complacency and understand that you are making a full and conscious choice to take control of your life and the life decisions you will make. Remember, no one or nothing can make you do the things that you do, or feel the way you feel. The next time darkness falls, know that you are not be alone, but there just might be a lesson or message for you to figure out. You might need to step back and take a look at where you are in your life in an honest and truthful manner then take the steps to release the experience and prepare not to let it happen again.

When Darkness Falls
By Joan Marie Whelan Intuition Girl

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