When choosing a psychic reader PLEASE get a referral. Many people pose as psychic counselors and will only drain your wallet. It has been my experience over the past 30 years watching people get ripped off by some of these fraudulant people.

My readings will either confirm what you already know, give another outlook, or just make you sit down and think before jumping into a situation that can be a mistake. I do not tell you that there is evil around you, nor offer to burn a candle and pray for you. That is the opening line most of these charletans use to scare you into thinking they are credible. You can burn your own candles (as they do in most churches) and you also have a direct line in prayer and do not have to pay someone to do it. It is always nice if someone remembers you in their prayers, but that is not the point that is being made here. If someone hands you a line like that, get up and leave. You can even laugh on your way out. They cannot cast an evil spell on you and turn you into a toad - or anything that far out, so it is ok to leave. Many clients have come to me after seeing such a person and have complained about paying $90 for a palm reading, or the added costs were a rip off. I have always told them if they that they have just learned a valuable lesson and to be more careful in the future.

Also beware of anyone telling you need to come back or confer with them on a regular basis. The reading will be the same from any on the level reader if you went to another on the same day. The information is all channeled from the same place. Personally, I prefer not to see a client for 3 months after a reading so they can get their life together and absorb the information.

Always negotiate the price before starting the reading. That price should not change. If a reader has a problem with you taking notes or recording the session, that is another red flag. It's your money, spend it wisely.

The way I present my readings is more of counseling, with intuitive and also some sage experience. Nothing shocks me and most people feel better when their session is done. I will not sugar coat your reading, and you will be told exactly what you need to know. It is for your own good. We do not discuss health or death issues. None of us are getting out of this world alive, and it is not up to me to tell you when or where. Health issues need to be discussed with a professional doctor or therapist.

A great way to introduce people to this profession is to have a party. It can be entertaining, but will also make your friends take a deeper look into what is going on in their lives. It can be fun and personal at the same time. You always have free will and can make your own decisions on where your future is leading to.

Author's Bio: 

35 years experience in palmistry and tarot readings,vending at psychic fairs,owned/operated Celestial Moments,(a metaphysical book store),on-line store.