Recently, I had the opportunity to re-read a fantastic book that I had first read years ago:  Who Moved My Cheese?, by Spencer Johnson, M.D.  You’ve probably heard of this book, because of its almost immeasurable social impact.  The sales figures speak for themselves: one million hardcover copies sold in 16 months, 21 million more copies in the next five years, and as of today, this book is the best-selling book Amazon has ever had.

Who Moved My Cheese? is a “parable,” and as such, it is a very simple story.  Two “mice” and two mouse-sized “little people” live in a maze.  They find what appears to be a lifetime supply of “cheese,” and settle down.  But the cheese runs out, and the characters must face and cope with sudden change.  It’s not so easy … for any of the characters, but it’s hardest for the two human beings.

Sometimes It’s Difficult for Humans to Cope.  That’s because humans are very smart, and when something very bad happens very suddenly, it’s difficult for us to cope.  At first, we’re in shock, dazed and disoriented.  Then we either get very angry, or we panic, and get very scared.  The next step is often sadness, crying, and depression.  But such a condition does not help us solve problems.

When Bad Things Happen, Suddenlycan involve a Car Accident, a Slip & Fall, the loss of a job, a Divorce crisis, a health crisis, or a financial crisis.  But no matter what the “Bad Thing” is, the solution is always to stay rational, and to GET MOVINGWe cannot solve a problem by being sad, moping, and staring at the ceiling.  If we can just get moving, we’ll feel better, and begin the process of fixing the problems.

Slip & Fall Attorney  When you Slip & Fall, it’s time to take charge.  First of all, do not get up from the ground; stay right there.  If someone offers to help you get up, just say, “no, please, I’m not ready to move.  Give me some time.”  Then tell everyone nearby, “Call 9-1-1,” and then, YOU call 9-1-1 the more calls the better, the more certain that an ambulance arrives quickly.  Ask everyone nearby, did you see me fall?  Unless they deny it entirely, request that they write down their names, phone numbers, and in one sentence, a description of what they saw.  Even if they deny seeing you fall, nevertheless, request their names and phone numbers.  Then, ask everyone nearby, did you see the wet floor?  Did you see the hazard? … and then get their names, phone numbers, and in one sentence, a description of the hazard that they saw.  Do not get up off the floor or sidewalk, until the ambulance arrives, and trained paramedics lift you up.  Insist on being transported to the nearest Emergency Room (“ER”).  Under NO circumstances, if they offer to transport you, should you EVER decline the offer of Ambulance Transportation.  Call someone right away, if possible, before you lose consciousness, or are too medicated to call.  If you have a Husband, Wife, or Significant Other, call them.  If you have children, or parents, of an appropriate age, call them.  If you have friends, call one of them.  If you can, call your attorney … you can at least leave a message, saying what happened, and where the Ambulance is taking you.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

Calling An Attorney Helps.  If you’ve previously worked with a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer, whether it’s on a lawsuit or on a transactional matter, a probate matter, a real estate closing, or whatever, call him or her.  They can either help, or refer you to someone else who can help.  And while you are standing beside a busy freeway, in the scorching summer sun, with several other motorists in shock, it’s always helpful to speak to someone who is sitting at a desk, in an air-conditioned office, able to think rationally.

Be Pro-Active.  After a car accident, make some phone calls … to “9-1-1” if appropriate, and then to friend or spouse or relative, and then to an attorney.  Then exchange insurance and Driver License information with the other driver or drivers.  Don’t talk about the accident.  Just gather the information you need.  Attend to your own needs, whether medical, psychological, or otherwise.  Look out for “YOU.”

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