Nowadays the retail and restaurant sector needs POS Solutions as they face more daily challenges for data security and software installation these issues make it more complicated to run your business peacefully.

The Asimot Cloud POS software in Chennai simplifies these issues and helps you in billing. It allows you to free up your working capital, save time & critical business reports and helps you track inventory faster.

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The use of iPads as point of sale terminals means that it has a fully mobile POS solution. This clears up counter space and improves efficiency, allowing workers to place orders from the restaurant or the sales floor. It is no longer tied to the wires or wires of a traditional system and has all the advantages of a mobile and efficient POS.


The AsimotPOS Restaurant POS software in Chennai provides best Offline Mode, which means it works at the speed of a local network, but has the security and convenience of a cloud POS Solution. Unlike other cloud-based applications, you will not lose data or functionality if the Internet crashes, and you will not have to wait for things to load. WiFi management ensures that your system is always working at its best.

Data Transparency

Sales reporting and analytics permit you to catch and break down your store’s business information. Not exclusively does this automatically monitor what’s selling admirably, it also demonstrates how much income you’re making on each item. This allows you to recognize and concentrate on driving sales to your top money-making products.

Customer Management

Customer management abilities empower the retailers to proactively expand the number of amazing clients. Our applications gather information on your clients’ purchase histories and allow you to distinguish your most important customers based on their spending’s. This integrates an extra layer of transparency that retailers without POS software basically can’t acquire.

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