What's working now? Mike Dillard instructs 1000s of MLM marketers how to be successful through his Magnetic Sponsoring training. Now, he recently came out with a new service that is designed to assist online marketers save time, money, and focus their efforts on using -- what's working now.

What's Working Now Review -- Mike Dillard

What's Working Now (WWN) is intended to tackle the main problems many online marketers cope with now -- information overload and outdated information. WNN launched with an introductory price of $9.95 for the first month's subscription, which was loaded on a memory stick and shipped for free. And WNN also comes with a, no hassle, 30 day money back guarantee.

When you click on the offer you'll get to a sales page that explains three monthly subscriptions options to choose from. With each option you'll receive monthly issues of WNN and the following additional items:

Silver Edition
You'll also receive a bonus training video -- "Mike Dillard's 8-Figure Business Model."

Gold Edition
You’re also included in a live, online answer webinar, along with the bonus training video.

Platinum Edition
You'll receive the bonus video, are included in the monthly Q and A session, and get Mike's personal, "Inside the Life of Mike" monthly addition.

Mike mentions that the inspiration for this product came out of his own need. Attempting to stay abreast of all the potential new lead generation strategies available, attending new training webinars and keeping up with online changes is nuts. Having to do this can take way too much time away from building your business.

What's Working Now subscribers will be given up to date, proven content that they can utilize now to grow their Internet business. The content delivered will teach you what the top producers online are currently using to get results.

What's Working Now -- Why Would You Want It?

If you are someone who wants to learn Internet marketing, you are probably being bombarded with many messages telling you how to get started. You're getting exposed to so many different options. The sales ads for these offers all sound so good, how do you make a good decision? And if you do go for one, is the method that you pick, still successful today or is it already old news?

Perhaps you've been marketing profitably online and one day your AdWords account get shut down by Google. Or you've been creating a following on your YouTube channel with various videos and all of a sudden your account gets cancelled. What are you going to do now?

Whether you are new to Internet marketing or a seasoned veteran, you definitely want to check out what's the most profitable approach to use to grow your business -- today. What if that strategy came directly from someone who has built an 8-figure online business -- Mike Dillard and his team? It sounds like Mike cut through all the hype and created another product offering us tons of value.

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Jim Hageman provides content to help you succeed online. What's Working Now could be your shortcut to Internet success. If you'd like to learn more about Mike Dillard and his background, you can listen to this exclusive Mike Dillard interview now for free.