Recently I was reviewing my goals to check how I am doing so far. Checking whether I was flowing towards my dreams or flowing away from them. As I was reviewing my goals I found that I was flowing 70% towards my dreams and 30% away from them. I wasn’t quite surprised because I know that sometimes I do not get what I have to do, done. Maybe it is because of procrastination or any other human defectiveness.
But what I found interesting and eye opening as I was reviewing my goals was the fact that I realized that even if I did not achieve them 100%, the is some change, growth, development and somethings which are beyond word description which are happening in my life. I realized that I am not the same person as before and I am now more spirited and focus than I was before.
This caused me to think deeply, as I was wondering how this dramatic change have happened in my life since I only achieved 70% of what I want dreamed of. I thought for a moment and seeking answers within and a bit frustrated.
The twisted answers

The visible world vs the invisible world.

In my opinion I believe that in life there are two worlds. One is the visible world, the world of what we see, touch, taste, feel and hear. A world we experience through physical senses. The second world is the world of the invisible; the world of what we cannot see but know that certain things exist, affect and influence our lives.
Again, in my opinion I think this is the most powerful world because there are a lot of things which are beyond human explanation that causes us to achieve dreams, goals and destiny. It causes us to show case our talents, gifts and geniuses.
The Late Buckminster Fuller says that the world is 99% invisible, meaning that it is 99% of what we can’t see but affects and influence our lives positively and negatively whether we are aware or not. And that lives the other 1% person to what we see and touch.

Why, am I saying all this?

I am saying all this because I want to make a point that sometimes we can set goals for ourselves and fail to achieve those goals (in the visible world) declare ourselves as failures because of what we can see, and neglect the fact that the is a world which we cannot see that is forever working on our favor to bring the best out of us; a world that makes us better, powerful and strong beings (the invisible world). This world is the world that causes us to be who we are today and what we are going to be tomorrow.

Achieving goals from the invisible

Let me relate this to achieving goals. Sometimes we set goals and fail to achieve them because of the currents of the world, but even when we do not achieve the goals, we become better than before when we set the goals because the invisible world is always, and I mean always seeking to bring the best out of us and that is why you can find someone say, “my dream was to be a doctor but as I was working towards that dream I found what I love” How? Because the invisible was working with him and saw that he was not destined to be a doctor but destined to do what he loves.
The wonders of the invisible
Please note, that if this person didn’t have a dream to be a doctor, he wouldn’t find what he loves, he found what he loves because he did something. What I am trying to say here is that the minute you take action on anything, the invisible takes off, even when it can be something far away from what you are truly made for, your desire will cause the invisible to work with you and take you to where you belong so as you may do what you love.
To illustrate more, when you set a goal and take action, your effort must be recognized by the invisible and the invisible must reward you for your effort not for your goal; that is why even when you don’t achieve the goal you still become better, powerful and strong because you have triggered the law of compensation, which always compensation those who are seeking more to life.

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The law of sowing and reaping
When you set a goal, you are sowing and when you take action you trigger the law of compensation which will compensate you in an exact proportion of the effort you put regardless of whether it is less or more effort, and when you achieve or not achieve the goal you get rewarded for your effort (reap). To be short, you reap what you sow.
• What you want to do, is what you sow.
• The action you take, is what you will be compensated based upon.
• And your achievement (might be the goal or what you get in return even when you didn’t achieve the goal such as becoming better than before) is your crop, what you reap.

Life is a journey

The most vital thing I want to point out in this blog or what I am trying to emphasize is that, life is a journey not a destination. Look, goals are just part of the journey they are not the destination because whether you have achieved your goals or not, life still goes on, it never stops. It keeps on wanting to bring out the best in us.
A goal is a reward
What is important is to understand that the process of achieving goals is more vital that the goal itself, because the process grows and develops us, not the goal.
The goal is just the reward for the process.

If you can set a goal and never have to go through any process such as setting a goal now and achieve it now. Would it have value or would it be meaningful, inspiring and soul touching to you and others?
I do not think so. The reason we have to face whatever we are facing so as we may achieve our goals; it is because we have to put value on ourselves first before we can achieve the goal. And when we achieve the goal, it becomes soul gratifying because we have now increased our value and self-worth, soon increasing in net-worth.
To summarize
What I am try to say in this blog is that the process of achieving a goal is more vital than the goal itself because whether we achieve the goal or not we still get compensated in exact manner that is equivalent to our effort because the process is more important than the goal itself.
Therefore, next time when we set goals, let’s set higher goals that will stretch and take us out of our comfort zone so as the process can make us better, strong, inspiring and powerful whether we achieve the goal or not. Please note that I am not encouraging goals not to be achieved, I will be nuts if I can do that. I am trying to bring some light that we must not be discourage by not achieving some of our goals but we must be more and more spirited to be made better by the process and not forgetting that life it’s a journey not a destination.

The is no shame in not achieving a goal but the is a shame in not growing and learning during the process.

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