What’s The Secret of Speaking to a Group & Convincing Them?
My teenager Michael, asked me to help him improve his Talk for Class President.
• 1. “Mike, there are two-things that rivets our attention other than Ben Franklins ($100) falling from the sky.”

• 2. “In my circles $10 bills would do it, Pop.”

• 3. “The sound of our own name, and the words, “You-Your-Yours”, meaning ourselves, right?”

• 4. “Sure, we are in love with ourselves, and I get interested in anything that will make my life easier & better.”

• 5. “Scientists say there are only two-drives for humans. Not for wealth, money, & success, or girls throwing themselves at your feet. Guess, and if you come close your win a Prize.”

• 6. You always say a “Prize”, and when I guess right, you say the prize is living in your house rent-free or my 3-meals a day.”

• 7. “You guess even one of the two human motivations you get ten bucks outside of your allowance. Fair?”

• 8. “Pay up Pop. “Pleasure & Pain”, or as my bio teacher says, “Reward and Punishment”. Want more for free? Pleasure is associated with Reward, and Pain with Punishment.”

• 9. “You got brains you never ever used. Here’s the $10er.
Remember, nobody likes a smart ass. That means if you want to Influence-persuade-convince one-person or a group, tell a story, not dry, boring facts.”

• 10. “You think I don’t listen, but I remember, “Words just tell, while stories paint visual pictures and S-e-l-l.”

• 11. “Sounds corny and like a cliché, but more people get rich remembering Homo sapiens hate school and advertising.
Stories amuse & entertain while school is mostly dry & boring, and advertising reminds us of a lack-of-money.”

• 12. “You got that right. My teachers are out to get me or at least make me feel stupid. And kids don’t read phony ads. But learning can be fun.”
• 13. “Let divide a Talk into two-parts: Content (facts & statistics) and Delivery whether you put people to sleep by your voice, lack of facial expressions, & body-language.”

• 14. “Explain Quickly and in plain English, Delivery.”

• 15. “Teachers use fancy language you need Webster’s to get. Could you remember: voice-inflection means pitch & tone coming out of your mouth? Mike. Listen, it’s easy/

• Vary your Tone every 90-seconds. Raise your voice for a Question, and Lower it when giving them a Fact or statistic. Next, speak Louder for important points,
and Lower on ending an idea or point you want to make.”

• 16. “That’s easy. When I’m excited (enthusiastic) let my voice rise & show it. When I want to show my idea is worth remembering, drop my voice.”

• 17. “Get this Mike, “Pitch is going from neutral to either a Higher or Lower note in-a-vowel. Example: when you say:
“No! Yes! OK! or “Yes, really!” – raise your Pitch. It emphasizes your Intention. Wait.”
• “Now an example for Lowering your pitch: when you say: “Not! Do! Be!” Why? The lower pitch is a sign of your personal-power, self-confidence, finality & purpose.”

• 18. “I know you’re talking about Inflection in my voice.”

• 19. “One-more inflection called Double. Rising & falling or Falling & Rising pitch. Example: “OK, Amazing, or “Do” it.” Why? Changing pitch & tone in these words indicates Self-Assurance, Certainty, & Finality by the speaker.

• 20. “I got it. My level, even sounding voice is a monotone. It’s boring and puts people to sleep. What else?”

• 21. “For another $10er, take this sentence: “I didn’t say she lost all the money,” Now say it aloud, and on each repetition emphasize a different word in the sentence.

• Example: “I didn’t say SHE lost all the money.” (Maybe her mother is to blame.) See how your Emphasis changes the meaning of the sentence.

• Example: “I” didn’t say she lost all the money.” Could my Uncle Albert have been the one to say it?”

• Example: “I didn’t say she lost all the Money.” Maybe she lost the whole CAR where the money was stashed. Get it?

• When you put your inflection on a different word, it can entirely change the meaning of the sentence.”

• 22. “What I’m getting Pop is that when I Lower my voice, people pay more Attention to my “content”. So “delivery” changes my content for the better, right Pop.”

• 23. “On the “dinero”, Mike.” The experts call changes in your inflection (pitch & tone) Pattern-Interrupt. It subconsciously forces people to concentrate on you.”

• That’s enough for one day. See ya,

P.S. Can You remember & repeat to yourself, these Five words. “Learning is always about Doing.” Say it mentally or aloud, four-times, so it sinks in.
Why? To remind yourself, “Learning is NOT talking about
Doing. NOT asking Questions about Doing. And NOT
Trying to Do! “Learning is always about Doing!
Experiencing is Doing. Talking aint.”
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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