What’s The Probability?

After many years of knowledge and experience, we still get questions that
require research. It’s new to us, and we consult a specialist.

1. “Hey wise-guy, what is the difference between Probabilities and Odds?

Answer: Probability is based on how Often a particular event will occur.
Example: Probability of being dealt a King in your two Private Cards.

Probability of a King is 4/52 or 1/13

Make it easy, there are 52 cards, and a total of four Kings.
Four Suits: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. There
are 13 Ranks – Ace-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K. 13x4 = 52

Odds tell us how ofter an Event will Not occur.
What’s the question again? Answer 12 to 1.

2. Explain for a newbie, “What does Acting-First and Acting-Last refer to?”

Answer: First Actor is when you have to Check or Bet before the other
players. Last Acting is better because you have seen how your
opponents have played their hand. You have more information
before you decide to Check, Bet, Raise or Call.

3. “I hate math, so tell me, what’s my Probability and Odds of being dealt
a Pocket-Pair?

Answer: Probability: once every 17 hands, or 5.88% of your hands played.
The Odds of seeing a Pocket-Pair as your private cards is 16 to 1.

Money-Players collectively agree not to raise unless they hold
Jack/10 or better. Is that a law? You can bluff, and play for the
long-shot, but you are ignoring the Probabilities and Odds.

4. “I’m a newbie, so forgive dumb questions. What is an Out Card, and
the term, Pot Odds?”

Answer: OK, the term Out means any card you draw that improves your
hand. Pot Odds is comparing the number of cards that will Not
help you, to the number of cards that will add to you Bankroll.

Example: Compare the money in the pot so far, with the amount
you have to Bet. If the Pot has $50, and your Bet is $2, your Pot
Odds are 25 to 1. Good return on investment if you win.

You decide if your Pot Odds give you a PE (Positive Expectation)

or a Negative Expectation.

5. “You are going to laugh at me, but is there such a thing as Luck in
playing Texas Hold’Em?”

Answer: You picked a subject near and dear to my heart. Everything in
life has a Luck factor, your career promotions, health and longevity,
personal-relationships, and your opportunities to accumulate wealth.

We call it LuckNess (associate it with the Loch Ness Monster), and there
are strategies, techniques, and tactics to make it work for you.

LuckNess occurs when your Vibrational Frequency is raised, and you
are in-sync (synchronicity) with the villains (opponents), circumstances.
electromagnetism around you. Google: EEG (electroencephalogram).

You have to learn LuckNess, just like you learned Texas Hold’Em.
Last point, this thing that nobody believes in, Luck, Lucky, Luckiest,
and LuckNess, is scientific. It is associated with String Theory in physics.

Google LuckNess, and take a workshop to develop your Luck Factor
to help you to raise your Odds and Probabilities to consistently
(up to 79% of the time), win at Texas Hold’Em.

Please don’t laugh at me, because this LuckNess is as real as a heart attack.
But you can only discover its power by “Mind-Experiments”, where you
are the judge and jury of its results. Best of all, it is baby-easy to use.

6. “What’s “Connected” hands and “Gapped hands?”

Answer: There are 3-Gap, 2-Gap, and 1-Gap. Connected hands are
9/8, J/10, and T (10)/9 right?

Gapped-Hands can score a straight or power-draw about 11%.
A suited-connected hand offers more value.

3-Gap is J/7, T/6 or Q/8. The Odds are about 166 to 1, probability,
.003. Long-shot? Now if you hold a Big Slick (A/K) or Big Chick
(A/Q) as your Private or Pocket cards, you are hot.

Not because of a potential straight, but you may draw a high
pair – on-the-flop, on the Turn, or on the River.

If This is Corny, Go Back to Playing Video Games

If you believe the Government’s statistics, there are at least
14-million people unemployed. See, they do NOT count those
citizens who gave up looking for a job after 2-years.

It’s about 9%. Real unemployment is about 19-million.

“So what, I’m working and spending money for Xmas gifts.”

Right, and so are (remember this) 140-million Americans.

Question: is there any opportunity to become rich, successful, and
happy as that proverbial ‘pig-in-mud’, making money with the
140-million employed folks?

Here’s your mantra (slogan) to drum into your subconscious:
“Where Opportunity Meets Preparation and Talent – is success.”

In the 1930s depression, (about 25% unemployment) my Dad
earned $1000 weekly in his cash business selling stupid Orange
drinks and donuts. He rented a 15 foot wide space from S. Klein.

Wait. It applies today. Folks who go shopping get hungry and
thirsty, right? They want a fast-cheap pit-stop to stoke their
physical engine. Pop charged 25 cents, today the price would
be $2.50.

Do people at the end of 2011 love a bargain? Google: Black
Friday sales immediately after Thanksgiving. $10+Billion.
Will the 140-million employed want a bargain in 2012?

Good Luck

Good Luck, ‘getting Lucky’, and being the ‘luckiest’, is not an
accident or chance. It is tuning into a physical force of nature
that offers you “intuitions” about available opportunities.

It takes “nerve” to grab your opportunity with both hands and
squeeze out the money. You require a “money-consciousness,
the Midas-touch.” How many take advantage of their opportunity?

Answer: 5-6% is high, but it doesn’t matter as long as YOU are the
one seeing your specific opportunity and throwing a net over it.

We say LuckNess is Good-Luck that identifies, creates, and takes
advantage of, and chooses your winning opportunity.

“Easy to say, but how?”

Two-Secrets to Raise Your Vibrations For LuckNess

Start With Your Own Executive-Brain

Google: 11.20.11, Brookhaven National Laboratories.
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Co-lead author:
M. Parvas

Homo sapiens sapiens (modern humans) are activated by
rewards. Yes, tangible, physical money and stuff. Brain Structure
and Function are linked together to win rewards.

All I want you to remember is, it is located 2-inches above
your left-eyebrow. It’s called the Left-Dorso-Lateral-PreFrontal
cortex. Say it please, ‘left-d-l-PFC’. Now touch it.

Go to your left-eyebrow and move your dominant (usually right
index finger), and gently touch by pointing at this area 2-inches
(estimate) above your left-eyebrow. How long? Just 6-seconds.

One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc.


Every morning immediately after awakening from sleep. Make
it a habit, it takes a lousy 6-seconds. The results after 7-days can be

“Anything else after pointing at it?”

Yes, mentally visualize your burning desire. Daydream for 6-seconds
about your biggest goal and what you want to achieve. Ex. See a bank check
for $25,000 in your hand, and you smiling like your face is going to crack.

Ex. the CEO of your company is shaking your hand and congratulating
you on promotion to V.P. Whatever your major goal is, see it in living-
color, and see yourself Smiling about winning your dream result.

1. First, point-and-touch with your dominant index-finger your left-
dorso-lateral-prefrontal cortex.

Why? Answer: it is the brain-site of your Reward-Center, and we
are motivated by rewards. Do it daily for 7-days for 6-seconds each.

2. In your Mind’s Eye, see-visualize, and imagine (daydream) your strongest
and most important desire, goal, and objective. Simultaneously with
pointing at your ‘left-d-l-pfc’, spend 6-seconds mentally visualizing
what you want.

“Sounds stupid!”

We have done our direct research with our students and executives,
who say it produces powerful results. Why? It works at a subconscious
level to program your mind by Synaptic-Connections in a brain neural

After it works for you, please send us a video testimonial because
you are not the only one who is skeptical and thinks in advance this
is a stupid exercise. Some students claim winnings tens-of thousands
at Texas Hold’Em, over the year as their reward.

End Words

Are we recommending not working toward your goals, and waiting for
a miracle to drop into your lap? We repeat this slogan (mantra) in our
mind: “Show-up, do your best, and don’t be concerned about the End-

You cannot control all the factors going into any decision of your life.
Life is too complicated, but you can control your own thoughts.
We want you to use your PreFrontal Cortex for choosing, and decision-
making, not worry and stress.

When you active your brain’s reward center, and get a flow of dopamine,
you are centered, and attract what you consistently and emotionally
think about. It can be career promotions, meeting your Significant-Other,
health, and serious wealth creation.

Do your own mind-experiment, and evaluate your results. You do NOT
have to believe it in advance, just don’t self-sabotage by laughing and
ridiculing these two-strategies.

If you want opportunity to meet preparation and your talents, start here.
You are working with fundamental forces of the universe:

1. Gravity
2. Electromagnetism
3. Strong Nuclear
4. Weak Nuclear
5. String-Vibration

LuckNess involves activating Electromagnetism (cycles per second) in your
brainwaves, and String-Vibration. Raise your vibrational frequency and you
are in-sync with your universe and environment. Start here.

See ya,

copyright © 2011, H. Bernard Wechsler

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