“What’s The “GAP” in your lower-abdomen (sacral) area?”
• 1. “I dunno, & I don’t care much, wait, should I?”

• 2. “Would you like to access pleasure, knowledge, and be in the ‘mood’ for s-e-x, at your will? How about Acing exams, and retrieving long-term memories?”

• 3. “Anything else, like making a million dollars by 12 noon? When it’s too good to be true…”

• 4. “This GAP knowledge is ancient, maybe 3,000 years old. Here’s the trick, it is known by ‘few’, and implemented by ‘less’. Do we agree YOU do a mind-experiment and then judge?”

• 5. “I don’t even know what it means and where it’s located?”

• 6. “Who’s the BOSS of You? Can you expand your ‘comfort-zone’ to learn a baby-easy strategy for a jolt of personal power? Forget it, like Bush (2) said, “Facts are stupid things.”

• 7. “Can it help me win big-bucks, dinero, promotions & raises, and do you guarantee it in writing?”

• 8. “What’s in it for me, to help you?” I retorted.

• 9. “I’m your son, and if you don’t help me, after I graduate, I’m come back to live with you!”

• 10. “You make a powerful argument. Let’s see how good I can explain it. We know you need “immediate gratification”, so I’m going to make it short – 1-2 minutes, and easy to do.”

• 11. “I like the way you think.”

• 12. “Step one, you know, four diaphragmatic breaths, eyes closed, exhale, “Hum-m, four times. Total of 16 Hum-ms.
You are now in Alpha brainwaves per seconds, instead of
waking Beta cycles (Hz).”

• 13. “I use the Diaphragm breathing as a StressBuster. It gets me cool for acing exams.”

• 14. “Step two: touch the thumb & index tips of your dominant hand. Go to your Umbilicus, a/k/a, Belly Button, (B.B), Navel. Keep it two-inches below B.B.

• 15. “Gotta explain. This is the site of your “unbendable - ‘Intent’. Some call it your Will, but’s it’s your opening to your Life-Force, (Prana & Chi).

It sometimes works by itself, but when you “Activate” your GAP by clicking on it, it triggers super experiences.
It a ‘Gatekeeper’ for positive Emotions like pleasure, and healing, and creates a “success-mood or mindset.”

• 16. “Just hitting my GAP, is like pressing a doorbell?”

• 17. “No, it’s not a light switch, you have to maintain contact between your thumb & index & the entrance 2-inches below B.B. I didn’t say it is comfortable, but the “outcomes” are powerful.”

• 18. “Anyone sees me will call me a “Weiner”, or a freak.”

• 19. “It is Never seen, so focus on the positive outcomes.”

• 20. Step three, create & maintain a mental-image (daydream) of success like an “A” as your class grade. Some focus winning a company Prize (bonus) for their department. Touch the GAP, while you see your desired ‘outcome’.”

• 21. “Wait, is this a left-brain or right exercise?”

• 22. “Great question. It’s right-brain Dominant, and
releases creativity, intuition, & insights. And it’s totally neuro-science.

Stick with me: Corpus Callosum is a brain organ for lefty & righty to communicate about emotion & behaviors. Get this: within 60 seconds you shift dominance to your Parasympathetic Nervous System and eliminate STRESS.

• 23. “Step four?”

• 24. “Can you repeat this 8-words Affirmation mentally or chant it aloud? “Why is everything always working out for me?” Try it now, do eight-reps to win all the marbles.
You are programming your mind-body connection.”

• 24. “How am I going to remember all these steps? What if I mess it up?”

• 25. “It’s your ATTENTION and “intention” that decides the results, not rituals. Being a “Perfectionist” is a negative. Just focus on your GAP, and the rest is on auto-pilot.”

• 26. “Will it work with giving a presentation, or a new relationship?”

• 27. “Your “unbending-intent” influences everyone around you. It’s like Smiling, it become contagious, and creates a positive atmosphere in the room. That’s it.”

• 28. “Can I tell my friends…?”

• 29. “I suggest you keep it a personal success strategy. Nobody likes to feel you are manipulating them with super powers. Test it to see if it really works. Be a skeptic.”

• I didn’t tell him this, but you can hear it.

“Let us rise up and be thankful. For if we didn’t ‘learn-a-lot’ (about the GAP), at least we learned a Little! And if we didn’t learn a ‘Little’, at least we did NOT get ‘Sick’. And if we Did get ‘Sick’, at least we did NOT ‘Die’!”
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