What is change? How do you achieve true change? Why is change a crucial part of life? These are just a few questions that have been crossing my mind over the past several weeks. I wanted to know what the “equation” for change is, why some people have no problem trying new things, achieving their goals, while others struggle to make changes in their lives for an overall happier existence. What is it about change that really makes those “routine” people cringe? And if someone was forced to change because of health issues or losing their job, what would help ease the pain into embracing a new life situation?

Being someone who loves “change” (maybe even a little too much), there was this one day I realized how change was actually benefiting my life in ways I never thought imaginable. Every time I tried something new, or better yet, something I didn't like, it was like a big "check mark" got crossed off in my head that told me I don't need to try that again. But at least I tried so I could actually make that decision.

But what if there was a magic solution to improving all areas of your life by making just a few tweaks? You'd probably think I'm crazy. Perhaps if I called it "tweaks" rather than "change" there might be a few less cringes. While I'm not a magician or David Copperfield's assistant, I do have an equation to change that has changed my health, my career, and my relationship like I never thought possible. When you can simplify your life into a strategy that works everytime, would you do it? What if that meant you have to change how you think, what you eat, and what/who you surround yourself with? Well, i'm going to share some of my secret ingredients with you so you can hopefully see that "change" is actually easier than you think.

The very first thing to embracing a new idea, lifestyle, or goal is to take your "want" and make it appetizing to your mind. What I mean when I say "mind" is how your brain functions, interprets, and perceives things. It is your perspective about your problems that need repairing more than anything else, but how can you change your perspective into a positive one that attracts circumstances and situations into your life instead of having to work so hard by going out and finding them yourself?

The Formula For Changing Your Mind:
nutrients+different route+cheerleaders+lead by example= changing your mind

•Indulge in Nutrients. This is absolutely vital for change and probably the first one to go completely unnoticed. When your body isn’t fueled with nutrients you brain starts to go haywire, and yup, you guessed it so does your perspective. Ever notice how you can’t think or you become a moody mess when you don’t eat? The most obvious way to course correct a bad mood is to eat a diet full of nutrients. Drinking green juice is the perfect way to get a lot of nutrients in the body fast and will immediately help you feel better. When you feel better that's when change is taking place. Nutrients also reduces the amount of toxins that enter your bloodstream and we all have heard the saying, “she’s toxic!” Don’t let that be you.

•Try a Different Route. I use the “different route to work” example all the time to help my clients understand what is happening in their brain when you are doing things subconsciously. In order to create a better perspective you have to create new neuropathways in the brain. The way to do this is to try a different route. Switching things up keeps things interesting and challenges your brain to try out different alternatives, which can significantly change the way you perceive something. Try driving a different route to work tomorrow or eat with your opposite hand. You’ll be shocked at how focusing on a new task you gives you no time to think about your old toxic thoughts. You're too busy learning a new skill or creating new neuropathways that will benefit you in the long run. Show your subconscious mind who's in charge by trying a different route to your regular destination.

Me and Danielle
from Sequins & Ponies

•Cheerleaders for Friends. Take a minute right now and think about the top 3 people you spend most of your time with. Do they encourage you to go the extra mile? Are they so happy for you when something goes well for you? Do they pick you up when you’re feeling down? When you have friends who pick you up or cheer you on, those positive feelings and energy will affect you for the better, which will make following through with any goal so much easier. However, if you don't surround yourself with these types of people, changing your current situation is going to be a little more challenging. Decide today to take note of those special people in your life who always want to see you succeed and start hanging out with them more often. Let your friends be a reflection of who you are and what you want out of life. Choose to leave the Negative Nelly’s friends behind or better yet, show them the way to a happier life by leading by example.

•Lead by Example. I must admit, this was the magic potion in changing my relationship, which ultimately changed how I thought about my relationship, which in essence changed everything about the importance of a healthy relationship. In order to change a situation (or how to change people, even though most people say you can't change people) is to lead by example. When you start acting the way you want others to act or treat you, people will be dying to follow your lead. They see how happy you are, how healthy and fabulous you are, which makes them want to know what it is you are doing to be that way. For a fun exercise try mimicking someone's body language when you are talking to them (just don't be too obvious otherwise they'll think you're annoying) and you will be shocked at how interested they become in you. Leading by example sets a good example, and a good example always leaves a yummy aftertaste.

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