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Major Breakthrough: learning is connected to a Brain Rhythm

So what?

Add one baby-easy element to your reading and you triple (3x)
your learning speed, and double (2x) your memory. You save
up to 2-hours daily and become a human learning computer.

You have heard about speed reading for years, but you were
never sure if it was a gimmick. One sure thing, you never became
a speed reader.

In the next five-minute you will know Speed Reading is real, and
Double (2x) your learning skills – permanently.


Neuroscientists at UCLA, led by professor Mayank Mehta, June 27,
2011, and published in PLoS One, the journal for the Public Library
Of Science, confirmed that there is a Brain Rhythm linked to Power

Please Stay awake, this is not a long, boring scientific article. You will easily
take this information and use it in both school or your career. It is for
students and executives.

How Does Your Brain Learn

The average professional and/executive reads as slow as molasses, and
gets distracted in a little as 10 to 40-minutes. How slow? About 150-200
words per minute, while a speed reader learns 3x faster, with better
concentration and memory.

Who cares?

When you get distracted you lose your concentration and mentally
Zone-out, daydream or let your mind wander into the stratosphere.
You’re bored out of your mind and stop thinking and learning.

1. The rhythm of learning is called GAMMA, and is associated with
Running speed. You have heard of a “runner’s high”, it means you
move like the wind, effortlessly. Why? Your brain is using Gamma
brainwaves (30-200 Hertz (Hz) per second.

2. The faster you move your body, the greater your reading-speed, learning
skills, and comprehension. Huh? All that is required is Tapping with the
index-finger of your passive hand.

The faster rhythm you tap, the greater your learning speed.
Weird, yes, but it works immediately because the tapping causes your mind
to pay Attention and focus on concentration.

3. Stop and try tapping now. Please pay attention, this is the secret of speed reading
and speed learning. You must use a pen to underline each sentence you’re
studying with your dominant hand. For most of us, it’s your right-hand.
That means you simultaneously TAP with your left-hand, right?

Why underline the sentences? Your eyes must follow a moving object, so the
lines made by the moving pen cause you to speed-up your reading-learning
process. It is an instinct and works every time for everyone.

Location of the Gamma Waves

These Gamma waves are located in your brain, and measured by EEG instruments.
Google: Hans Berger, electroencephalogram creator. Measuring Alpha-Beta-Theta-
Delta brainwaves.

The Gamma signal is located in your Hippocampus, which is critical for all learning
and memory. It occurs when you pay attention and concentrate.

The researchers discovered that as your speed up your body’s rhythm, Gamma waves
increase and your learning and comprehension improve. We suggest you use a steady,
easy rhythm of tapping as you concentrate on the author’s ideas. You will absorb and
retain this knowledge permanently.

Remember, you underline as you read with your dominant hand, and TAP with the
index finger of your passive hand.


“When we first saw the results, we were surprised and excited. We saw that the Gamma
Rhythm was a Fast signal that occurs only when we are concentrating or learning. It
Grew faster as the body movement increased. It is rare to find to find a relationship that
is so clear.”


No matter how smart you are, or your IQ, everybody zones out (daydreans and mind-
wanders) after reading for between 10-minutes to a high of 40-minutes. After that we
are going through the motions but “nobody’s home” in learning or memory.

Who Says So

Erik Reichle, scientist at University of Pittsburgh, and published in Psychological Science,

They are interested in how your brain controls eye-movements. Specifically, how does
word comprehension and visual attention run your eye-movements? Your eyes do
different movements when you are paying Attention, then when your mind is wandering.

Get This

In standard reading and learning, your eyes fixate on the words and sentences, and move
from word to word, sentence to sentence. If the words are uncommon, you hang on them
longer than the familiar language. When you are NOT paying attention (zoned-out),
your eye-patterns change.

You slow down and focus longer on each word. You become mechanical instead of fluid
and fluent.


When we are reading and learning, our eye-movements are directly linked, connected and
associated with the way your brain is processing language. Zone-out and your eyes disconnect
from your language center (left-hemisphere).

See ya,

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