• “What So Great About an Affirmation?”

• My Law/Psych professor asked and answered his own Question.

• “First, it creates an attitude, mood, & belief because it is not just words, but a statement aligned with feelings of awe.

• Second, it connects in our brain with the Perisylvian Cortex, PreFrontal Cortex, and the Limbic System. That’s
both the left and right brain, reason & analysis, together with emotion & feelings.

• Third, if you repeat the Affirmation as little as three (3) times daily, for three-days, it programs your mind like a
Computer, with motivation for specific Positive Behaviors.

• I called out: “Sir, define it because the law hates “glittering-generalities, and loves “specificity”.

• “It’s Agreement & Approval.

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Bernard Wechsler, Director of Education, Speedreading101.org
Business partner was Evelyn Wood, creator of Speed Reading.
Graduated 2-million, including the White House Staffs of four
U.s. Presidents. Holding one-day Workshops at Columbia University, NYC.& corporate headquarters of major companies.