What's new in flooring and interior design is colors, textures, and a particular move away from rigidity in design elements. a combination of the latest technology and a new generation of designers are quietly revolutionizing flooring concepts. Custom design is becoming way more common, because of new technology for visualization which is allowing designers and clients to experiment with interiors and develop new motifs and holistic visions.


Color was for years a problem for everyone in interior design when it came to flooring. The choices were limited to comparatively simple, basic dyes and technology. This technology was neither flexible nor easily customizable, and a reasonably unadventurous design regime opted for neutral colors. "As dull as possible" might not have been the intention, but it had been the result.

The new technology and manufacturing techniques have allowed for improved colorization and design. Color combinations and advanced motifs are now digitized, allowing a way wider range of options, and letting designers off the leash. It's now possible to work with very strong colors and nuanced effects that enable high-quality design innovation.

This has been a large advance across the interior design industry, particularly in the commercial interior design market, where extremely diverse demands are the norm. Commercial interiors, especially the upmarket sector, are choosing custom colorization in a big way. One of the most demanding of all parts of this market, restaurant interior design, has splashed out on coloring its floor space to match top quality designs.


With the new color, the revolution has come a quantum leap in texture options. This is often an enormous improvement, caused by new manufacturing concepts and technology. Let's face it, there's only so much you'll do with old-style carpets, and interior design trends are lumbered with those limitations. The old carpets aren't the best choice for commercial interiors, due to the hard ware these spaces take.

In their place has come a new class of carpet flooring which is durable. These are the top quality, super-strong "airport" style modular carpet tiles that have tremendous strength and are seamless, with none of the weaknesses of traditional carpet. That's been another major addition to the arsenal of interior designers around the world, who can now reassure their clients that the carpets are easy to install, easy to repair and maintain, and safe for budgets.

Advanced design concepts

Custom design has overcome all the previous obstacles of commercial interior design. The advanced new design concepts are ready to use any motif. In terms of their features, they 're just much better goods, CAD-designed materials with excellent eco-friendly and industrial credentials. Commercial interiors, particularly the long-suffering retail sector, can now enhance their presence and provide a way more attractive environment for his or her clients and their staff.

Interior design trends in Bangalore love the new generation of products. Bangalore retailers, designers, and businesses are quick to require advantage of the large new range of choices available.

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