Most people blame their BODIES for unwanted physical conditions.

What if, contrary to popular beliefs, your ailment was warning you about a stress-caused imbalance in the afflicted area?

What if each condition was your body telling you exactly what emotions should be released to create healing and total well being?

This concept of seeing the body and its conditions as signs of emotional imbalance or distress is called MIND-BODY WISDOM. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but never really understood how it works or what it means.

Mind-body researchers, including authors Louise L. Hay, Deb Shapiro and Dr. Bruce Lipton, have found that the human body wants to be healthy. When bodies have emotional blocks to healing, then a lack of wellness and/or pain eventually surfaces.

Dulling pain by taking over the counter medications is ignoring your body’s plea for help, telling it to shut up. In time, the body will stop its mind-body code talking, and lapse into chronic illness.


In 2002, after extreme job stress, the death of my father, and relationship heartbreak, my body ached all over. Doctors offered me medication with scary side effects. I chanted countless affirmations, cleaned up my diet, did yoga and meditated. Still I ached with every step, each day a living nightmare, feeling on the verge of collapse. I was only 48 years young, feeling like I was 148 years old.

I discovered the physical benefits of meridian clearing via a holistic radio show. Combining my mind-body knowledge with gentle acupressure called “tapping” provided extreme relief. I learned to appreciate, rather than condemn, my body’s ailments. They weren’t weaknesses, they were pleas for help.

I felt empowered to regain control of my well being. You can too!


The location of your condition is a clue to the emotion or fear to be released. First, note the side of the body on which the condition exists.

YOUR RIGHT SIDE symbolizes fears about logical or masculine topics like money, income, school, job, business, and/or power, or similar fears about those issues in your loved ones’ lives.

YOUR LEFT SIDE indicates fears about feminine or love-related topics like receiving or giving love, human and animal loved ones, doing what you love for work or pleasure, i.e., “me-time”.

Conditions on both sides of the body indicate a combination of fears about the above life areas.


Next, consider what the afflicted body area does and how it helps you each day. For example, your hips facilitate your body’s movement into new activities and directions. Here’s how hip ailments translate into mind-body wisdom:

Hip stiffness indicates emotional resistance to moving from the past into the future, feeling inflexible about change.

Hip joint inflammation can be triggered by repressed red hot emotions such as anger or fury, about being forced to go in an undesirable direction on your life path.

Right and left side hip pain may be a sign of your fears of moving forward in the areas of love and money such as having personal and professional stress and pain.

When you understand what your body is telling you, then release those emotions via any meridian clearing modality, you open your body’s energy channels to well being. I'm 100% pain-free and living proof of these concepts' success, as are many of my worldwide clients, their families and pets.

Skeptical about your body reacting to your emotions? It happens all the time:

• When you’re deeply embarrassed or ashamed, doesn’t your face blush?

• When you’re afraid or nervous, your body sweats and/or shakes, right?

• When you receive bad news about a loved one, your heart races with fear.

Your body expresses your emotions all day long, but you’ve become so used to it that you rarely notice.

Thankfully, more conventional healthcare providers are recognizing the value of the mind-body relationship, too. There’s more mind-body information than ever before available via books, videos and audios.

People around the world have experienced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation using the mind-body wisdom. Don’t you deserve a clear mind, healthy body and joyful emotions? Yes, you do!

Thank you for reading this article!

Author's Bio: 

Colleen M. Flanagan, EFT-INTc / EFTCert-1, is a mind-body-emotions expert and the author of several Amazon books including Tapping Success Scripts and Fearless Accurate Dowsing. People call Colleen “The Emotions Whisperer” due to her ability to rapidly identify and release the traumatic emotional roots of most unwanted conditions. To learn more, visit Colleen's website at Enjoy free mind-body