Hey! I know it's a truly a stretch to establish real conversation beyond the superficial as it relates to love and relationships. I will passionately press this topic as far as I must to offer a helpful contribution to the conversation. To those that may be following this conversation I thank you for yielding to this school of thought thus far.

You know, I have really become intrigued by a recent book that was been penned by comedian Steve Harvey entitled:Act like a lady, think like a man: What men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment. All of his books appear to be doing well and based on my reading they hold great common sense value. It obvious that millions of people are desperate for information as it relates to male /female relationships.

One thing that really gets on my nerves is the thought that many of us want new and better results in our relationships without putting the quality time and effort into becoming knowledgeable about the root issues of the problems we deal with in relationships. Too many of us want a cosmetic makeover in our relationships. I say that because we shun or reject uncensored truth, and the real work it will require for lasting change. We want everything fast and easy. If we are to truly develop healthy love relationships we must stop evading self evaluation. Many times that's where change and growth starts in our relationships.

Recently someone asked me why my blogs on relationships are so long and I became a little irritated. I was irritated by the thought that some people could miss valuable information that could really help them and their relationships as it relates to love because they are too lazy to read. I truly believe sometimes what we need will not always be handed to us. There are some things we must be willing seek out for ourselves if true change and progression is what we are after.

Ultimately, as it relates to love and relationships, I write this article understanding that we will only change things in our lives and relationships when we get tired of banging our heads against the wall of disappointment and ignorance.I'm not trying to be harsh or negative just progressively honest. We must change the things we can no longer afford to tolerate. We have been talking about Love but we must first commit to loving ourselves. Love not only looks out for the well being and interest of the other person but it also cares for the giver as well. Love is not about ignoring you and your needs totally. Love is not blind and it's not stupid.

Self love would not tell you to ignore abuse and neglect. You can love a person as they are going through different struggle in your relationship but you must know when their struggle and issues are too damaging or abusive to your life to carry any longer. You can still love a person even if your relationship has to change.

You may be dating someone and you are realizing that the relationship is not good and is very negative. You may still love that person but you don't have to stay in the dating relationship with that person because that type of relationship isn't working for the both of you. This is why a relationship with God and wise counsel is so important as we seek to enter romantic relationships in my opinion. Sometimes we try to date people we were only supposed to be friends with or we date people that we have nothing in common with and there is no common purpose connecting us to that person other than they are "Fine" or "Sexy." If sex gets involve at some point when we are casually dating an individual it causes great confusion because we tend to call what we feel from the experiences love when in most instances it's not truly love at all.

Start loving yourself by thinking before you act and understand that wisdom for better choices come from accountability and good information. Seek them both if you truly desire to love and be loved correctly.

Think on these things...............................................

Eric Little


Author's Bio: 

Eric Little is an aspiring author, and motivational speaker. He is deeply passionate about seeing men, women, and children growing together in a productive, loving and safe place called a family. He seeks to do all he can as an author and a speaker to improve and enhance the lives of men, women, and children/teens. Eric Little is a graduate Of Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Ga. He recieved a bachelors degree in Speech Communications and Theatre Arts. He has worked with youth for over ten years. As the second eldest of eight siblings he feels his love for family and youth were formed out of the many obstacles he faced as a youth growing up. Eric Little worked with the Department of Social Services for three years in the Youth and Family Divison in Mecklenburg County in North Carolina.