Before getting a massage, remember to let your practitioner know of any medical concerns or pregnancy so the practitioner can adjust the intensity of the massage techniques to prevent possible risks. It's suggested that you don't consume food before getting the massage.

The purpose of Lomi Lomi is to eliminate mental and physical stress. This technique begins with a prayer, done by the therapist asking for healing of the receiver. This type of massage doesn't really have any distinct strokes. No two Lomi Lomi massages will ever be the same.

The client needs to lie face down on a mat with only his or her underpants. The therapist's hands will be placed in the client's back as they pray for healing. The receiver can simply relax and clear his or her mind to receive the healing.

The practitioner may hum or dance while doing the massage session to unblock, vibrate and amplify the healing energy for both the therapist and the client.

Since the session is done intuitively, there will be times that the massage may be slow and very calming, and times that it will be faster and energetic. The therapist often massages more than one part of the body or both sides of the body concurrently.

The massage can be given by one therapist or by two or more therapists in one treatment. The client's mind can't focus on two or more areas at once so the mind relaxes and a deeper sense of balance and rest is reached.

The Lomi Lomi therapeutic massage brings a sensation of serenity and well being, with its effects remaining even after the massage has ended.

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