Is money, or the lack of it, giving you heartache? Needing it, spending it, and attracting it can certainly be a fun game. Yet, you may not be experiencing any joy at all.

Even when you have a sufficient amount in the bank, money can still stir up emotions and give you instant stress. Most of the stress comes from focusing on the future rather than the current moment.

Next time you catch yourself struggling internally over your income or business revenue, do something about it. Don’t just take a random or desperate action, but do something intentional about the way you are reacting to your financial situation.

The first decision is to stop worrying. I understand that this is a tall order. But the worrying is not proactive. It’s painful and a waste of time. So, there is no use doing it, right?!

The second decision is to take back control. Remember, the money is following your lead. If you’re worried or focused negatively, its flow to you slows down. When you feel in control of the flow and make friends with money, the flow speeds up. Heck, it can even wiggle its way into your life in the most unexpected ways once you get back in the driver’s seat, knowing that money is following the commands you give it.

The third step to doing something about your financial situation is to objectively ask yourself if you are in a box about problem solving. I’ve personally seen myself in agony over wondering how to pay for a bill when I had an available credit card to use. I had such resistance to using my credit card that I was willing to suffer in stress. But if I would've just used the credit card, I'd have found emotional relief that would allow me to get back on track with my focus and generate new money much faster.

Whether you think so or not, you always have financial solutions available to you. Many times, the solution is a couple of questions away. But it is hard to even think of what questions to ask, or know who to ask when you’re all buggered up about the situation.

Be committed to transforming your situation into something that you are proud of and gives you fulfillment. Don’t be willing to sit any longer in your financial stress. You don’t need to have all the solutions now. You can begin with the above steps. I also highly recommend getting support from your coach or mentor program, taking classes, and/or getting a buddy who is on the same path to join forces with you.

Don’t forget! You are in charge of the flow of money in your life.

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