Many of us these days like to supplement our traditional medication with alternative therapies. It seems that for every medication you read about, there is some horrible side effect that is possible, and some of us have been unfortunate enough to suffer from some of these side effects, so it is only natural for us to look for alternatives to filling our bodies with yet more chemicals. Many people enjoy a great deal of success with these alternative therapies, and it seems to be rare for someone not to be able to find at least one that helps them to some degree. But what of man’s best friend? If we are going the extra mile to ensure our own natural good health, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our dogs? Thankfully there are a whole host of alternative therapies available for dogs these days, some of them quite surprising! In fact it seems for every alternative therapy for humans, there is one for canines.
Acupuncture as a discipline is, as we all now, thousands of years old and originates from China. Needles, finger pressure and heat sources are used to restore the body’s natural energy balance. It is said to help dogs with arthritis, allergies, organ conditions and for other pain relief. Many claim significant pain relief from acupuncture, although quite how they get the dog to sit still through that kind of thing is beyond me. You know how a dog seems to know when it’s going to the vet’s? Imagine a repeat visit to the acupuncture clinic!
This involves the manipulation of the spine to restore normal condition and function to the spinal column and surrounding tissues. Can be effective for arthritis and other pain disorders.
The use of herbal treatments is a popular and effective treatment for many conditions, including skin conditions, parasites, arthritis and pain relief.
A branch of alternative medicine which believes a conditions symptoms are part of the body’s defence mechanism, and that therefore tiny quantities of substances that produce similar symptoms can relieve them . In simple terms, that like cures like. My father always told me to fight fire with fire- that’s probably why he got kicked out of the fire brigade. A popular remedy for car sickness, arthritis, ear and bowel problems.
Similar to the popular magnetic bracelets used by people, magnetic collars for dogs can relieve suffering and pain. A correctly aligned series of strong magnetic fields replicates the pulsing of electromagnetic machines used for pain relief in hospitals, and is popular for its low maintenance as well as its low evasiveness. This is believed to work through a restoration of the body’s natural ph through affecting the electromagnetic processes between cells. An effective remedy for arthritis, circulation problems and general pain relief.
Can be practiced at home without the danger of side effects, it is also a good way of bonding with your dog. Can help with recovery from injury, mobility and circulation.
As with alternative remedies for people, it is worth trying a few to see what works for you and your dog. Never attempt to diagnose and treat conditions yourself, but consult a qualified practitioner. Hopefully you can soon have a healthier, happier dog in a natural way, and a happier dog means a happier you!

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