How do people accomplish amazing things?

How does a young man working for a mobile phone store in Wales end up as a globally-recognized operatic tenor whose first CD sold more than two million copies?

How does a young woman who lost her sister to breast cancer create a multi-billion-dollar organization, the largest non-profit source of funds dedicated to fighting breast cancer in the world?

They dared to dream.

Henry Ford is often quoted as saying, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Every creation – from the Peace Corps to the pyramid at Cheops to the worldwide web – began as an idea, a dream.

What is your dream? We can get so used to taking work home while we’re climbing the corporate ladder, allowing day-to-day responsibilities to use up our time and energy, watching mind-numbing TV to unwind – that we lose touch with our dreams. So here’s the question:

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

That’s a pretty hefty question and one I happened to read on a paperweight a long time ago. You never know how guidance will appear!

Here’s what I dared to dream: that I could stop aging and grow younger. Sound like a pipe dream? Actually, it’s not. Once I was clear about what I wanted and set my intention, all kinds of ideas and inspiration started coming to me. I started working with the Law of Attraction using techniques I’d applied in other areas of my life to attract what I wanted – like more income, less stress, happier relationships.

The Law of Attraction is simply a universal law – sort of like gravity – that works all the time. It means that the energy you put out is the energy you attract. Ever notice how when you get all depressed and pessimistic, bad things keep happening? Even if they’re small things like: you spill coffee on your clothes when you’re running late or you finally get the parking spot at the mall and discover you left your wallet at home.

On the other hand, can you remember a time when you were happy and feeling good, and everything just fell into place? You were craving spinach quiche and got the very last piece; the impossible-to-reach person actually answered the phone; that missing favorite scarf resurfaced in your closet. Amazing how it works! Your energy attracted “like” energy.

Working deliberately with the Law of Attraction is a powerful way to turn your dreams into reality. Once I got clear on my dream I began saying “With every breath I take, the cells in my body grow younger,” over and over, especially whenever I came across it on the slips of paper I had scattered around the house as reminders.

I said a lot of other affirmations too, and explored my thoughts and beliefs to see what kind of conditioning I had about how it looks and feels to be old. Observing my thoughts and words became a consistent habit to stop any negative programming about aging as it was happening – even in mid-sentence; for example, “uh oh, I’m having another senior mo….” Now it’s rare for anything negative about aging or my future to escape my lips.

Books about reversing typical aging processes seemed to almost magically appear, and I meditated. All kinds of information started showing up around me and in my meditations that helped me develop a set of practices and techniques that worked!

That’s right. I dared to dream of growing younger and actually did it. I’m still growing younger, and I’m having a lot of fun sharing what I’ve discovered with others. I’m certainly not the only person who looked into the future that seemed to be predictable – with nursing homes, dementia, loss of motor control – and recoiled. If I had accepted all the prevailing views, I would have believed that future was unavoidable. My mother wasted away with Alzheimer’s Disease so wasn’t that to be my fate as well?

No, thank you. I dared to dream a different future into reality.

Maybe you would like to join me.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Open up to the possibility – dare to dream. Go further than that: once you know what your dream is, back up your desire with passion and strong emotion and expect it to happen! Then watch for the clues the Universe will send you. It’s a beautiful kind of magic that changes what we used to think was impossible to the possible. You CAN make your dreams come true.

Love, Joy and Blessings


Author's Bio: 

Author, columnist and keynote speaker Ellen Wood, fires up audiences everywhere to rethink their concepts of aging. Her radiance alone is empowering but she also teaches practical action steps on how to grow young in body, mind and spirit. Ellen’s powerful anti-aging program combines knowledge and processes from scientific studies with step-by-step daily age-reversing practices. At 73, she is living proof that so-called “normal” signs of aging can be avoided and/or reversed.

Not long into retirement, Ellen began to experience some of the predictable signs of aging and, at first, thought she would just age gracefully. That all changed one day when she recalled the energy, joy and excitement she’d experienced when she was younger – and decided not to grow old. That pivotal decision led her to research what is - and isn’t - true about aging, and to develop her own program of daily practices. Ellen began her anti-aging program in 2004 and soon regained the energy, vitality and mental acuity she had 30 years before. Now it’s her mission to share her discoveries and change society by transforming the way people age. Ellen is truly a pioneer of age-reversing consciousness.

Ellen Wood’s book, The Secret Method for Growing Younger, and teachings have been endorsed by numerous authors and physicians including Marianne Williamson, Dr. Norm Shealy, Larry Dossey, Barbara de Angelis and Dr. Richard Moss.

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