Here we are three years since “The Secret” book and video introduced some of the once esoteric principles for the mainstream, primarily the Law of Attraction – “Like attracts Like,” and “Change your thoughts and you change your life.” Is there truth to the Law of Attraction? Yes!

So what has happened? What’s missing?

Other than President Obama having been elected, not too many positive events and aspects have emerged.

I say we’re skipping a big step by not bringing out and dealing with the middle level of who we are. That is, the circumstantial, day-to-day challenging emotions, thoughts and situations that comprise us and our lives. Instead we tend to push them down and work the techniques delivered in “The Secret.”

My Break-THRU workshops for twenty years have successfully helped people deal with whatever is in the way to getting and manifesting what’s next, the next level in their careers and lives. If nothing were in the way, we’d be there and have it already.

I believe in a combination of dealing with the middle/circumstantial layers and challenges. Start consciously working with your thoughts and feelings. Become aware of your feelings and what’s really going on for you and then work that into a more positive possibility.

This combination will be a potent technique for living the life of your dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Sande Shurin: 30 year veteran acting coach developed her own technique, Transformational Acting (Her first book) and has coached/directed such names as Mathew Modine, Sylvia Miles, Anthony Rapp, super model Shalom Harlow and music legend Method Man. On Broadway she directed The Price Of Genius also directing at such venues as BAM, Playwright¹s Horizons, Carnegie Hall & Lincoln Center. Her two films Museum Scandals and True Love have garnered accolades in film festivals. She was celebrity acting coach on America’s Next Top Model and cuts of her were seen on OPRAH from the TV show Faking It. She has lectured at many Universities. The results of some of her coaching has been seen in Nobel Prize winning play Anna In The Tropics and in Tony winners Gypsy, Rent, Mama Mia, The Drowsy Chaperone and Spamalot as well as scores of films and TV shows. Shurin has developed a new workshop based on the principles of her upcoming new book, “Star Power!”