2600 years ago the Buddha taught many truths that still hold truth to this day. Often times throughout history attempts have been made to stifle these teachings. Here is one of the most important, which I will attempt to put into such a language as to be understood by any and all readers.

The 4 Nobel Truths:

1. "The noble truth that there is suffering"
2. "The noble truth that there is a cause of suffering"
3. "The noble truth that is there can be an end of suffering"
4. "The noble truth that is the way leading to the end of suffering"

Now lets look deeper so we can really understand what the Buddha meant by this.

The 1st truth is that there is suffering in our world. The Buddha is not referring to the physical, but the mental and spiritual suffering of man. The purpose of life is to seek happiness. Anything else falls short and causes suffering.

The 2nd truth talks of the causes of suffering. Suffering comes from not being in alignment with our true selves. Until we seek and understand who we are and then align with that frequency, we will feel emotional stress. There are times in our life when we are aligned, this is when we feel fantastic. The misalignment is caused by the constant contrast in our world, and our inability to understand and handle this contrast.

The 3rd truth is the end of suffering. When we understand the cause of suffering we can take measures to eliminate it. This is a slow process as there are many different things and situations that can lead to suffering. Here knowledge is power.

The 4th Truth is the cause(s) that end the suffering. These are the causes or steps we take each and every day to end the suffer we bring upon ourselves. By examining the causes, we develop solutions, that in turn will bring us joy and happiness. It also helps us to handle the day to day situations that once caused suffering but no longer do. we discover that suffering is a choice.

To get on the path to ending suffering we need to employ the Law of Attraction and realize we will always get more of what we focus on. If we focus on what is wrong in our lives we will get more of it. If we focus and the way we want our lives to be, using the gift of imagination we will get that also, dependent on how clearly we see the outcome. The Law of Attraction states that we live in a universe of inclusion, what we thing most about comes into our reality. In order for this to happen we must change our beliefs, and belief is not truth, only habitual thought.

No matter what happens to you today find good in it! If you have a fantastic day realize it is because you are in alignment and created this day. Also think about making this great day or experience even better. If you are sad or angry focus on feeling just a little bit better. You will then increase your vibration and good things will manifest in your life.

Plato once said that thoughts were more real and powerful than the things that they manifest. This is the absolute truth. Also remember we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that absolute well being is our nature.

Socrates once said that the "Unexamined life is not worth living." Use the power of thought and imagination (thought) to create the world you desire. Believe and you will succeed!