It doesn't matter if we're talking about business, team building, jumping off a diving board, dieting, playing a sport, in a relationship with others, or a million other endeavors. It isn't about the task or endeavor as long as it isn't harmful to you or someone else. Instead it is about what is inside of you.

On each new adventure, and yes each one, the question has to be asked. This question of what stops you?

Right out in front so the brain now is put in a solving mode. Only in this way will the obstacles become clear at which point it now becomes finding the way around them. Thus the goals will be defined and set. However it is not done yet. Actions must be taken with completion dates.

Still if the answer is stopping is coming from inside because there is a fear? This also needs to be defined. Fear of what? Fear that failure will occur, defined by which authority. I've come to believe that failure occurs when nothing is attempted. Is there a fear of being judged? Someone, some where will always judge, or out another way say that something cannot be done. Just like humans would never fly.

It was also said we'd never make it to the moon. Still someone said that it could and would happen. Even if someone does judge it really didn't change your life though it might sting a little. Just don't confuse advice with judgment. It simply may be that someone doesn't understand.

It is about what make you succeed in your mind and heart. It's about your life and goals and dreams. When a person has hold of these there isn't much that can stop the person.

What stops you? Only you.

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Liz Cosline

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