Snow fall is one of the most beautiful sites that this world offers
us. It reminds us of the beauty of the world around us because it
covers over the dirt and the trash and makes it seem like it never
existed in the first place. It’s magical and it can teach us a lot
about how we can reprogram outselves to cover over the dirt and
trash of our past and create a fresh start toward our future.

Think of each of your thoughts as a single snow flake. By itself,
it would be hardly noticable. One single thought in the world of
thoughts that happens in our heads every day. It’s pretty
insignificant in terms of the amount of thoughts we have every day.
And a single snow flake would be covered by dirt quicker than we
could notice its beauty on the ground.

But let’s take in a step further and imagine that 60 snow flakes
were to fall in front of us. We would probably notice and even have
a new feeling. We might even make a mention to someone like
“Oh Look It’s Snowing!” And yet still if the only flakes that fell
were those same 60, it would pass and move out of our lives and soon
be forgotten and replaced by the dirt and trash of the world
around us.

So let’s think about this in the terms of our thoughts. If we took
60 seconds to focus on the positive things in our lives and use
positive words in our heads to remind us of the beauty and
possibility of our lives, it would create a positive feeling in our
lives and we may even mention to someone “Wow I feel good after
taking a minute to focus on the good things in my life” and yet,
if that were all we did it would certainly help, but the positive
thoughts would be replaced by the dirt and trash of the
world around us. 1 minute in 1 day can make a difference, but if
that’s all you ever did, it would not impact your life.

However let’s look at the compounding effect of our thoughts over
time. 60 seconds per day = 21,900 seconds of positive focused
thoughts in 1 year. So let’s take this a step further and see how
we can make a significant difference in your life, just like the
consistent snow fall can make the world look like a new magical
land of beauty.

Imagine for a minute, an hour of consistent snow fall, but think
again that it’s not something that happens all at once, it’s a
single flake, on top of another single flake and over time it
covers what’s beneath it. If you were to compound one positive
thought each second for just 1 hour per day, you would think
1,314,000 positive thoughts per year! But lets be realistic about
the fact that you’re probably not going to find a quiet spot and
focus on your positive thoughts for a whole hour each day.
Yet, do you think that you could focus 10 minutes in the morning
when you first wake up and the last 10 minutes before you go to
sleep at night to focus on nothing but the positive things that
you want to happen in your life, or the things you are grateful for,
or the positive thoughts in your life?

That’s a great way to start to see significant changes in your life
with regards to how you see your life and your future. But much
like ANYTHING else we do in our lives, it not going to make a big
impact if you only do it once in your life and then forget about it.
But if you were to do this consistently for a month, it would make
a major impact in your mindset and your ability to continue to have
these positive thoughts throughout the day.

That’s what your goal would be in making these small changes.
By doing them consistently over time, you’re creating new habits
that begin to become something that you do without even realizing
it any more. By focusing on your positive thoughts, you’re creating
the habit of doing it on a regular basis without even realizing
it any more. It’s the same with anything we do consistenty over
time, both good and bad habits are formed over time.

So how do you start? Use positive affirmations and read them every
day when you wake up and each night before you lay down to go to
sleep. SMILE when you wake up, and SMILE when you lay down to go
to sleep. Say something positive to yourself when you wake up and
before you lay down to go to sleep. These are just a few of the
ways you can begin to make small lasting changes in your mindset
that will cover over the dirt and trash of your life with beauty
and a fresh start like the new fallen snow. Do it consistently
over time and you’ll see that the dirt and trash are no longer
noticed and the fresh beauty of your life is all you’ll notice.

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