This is an exercise which I suggest doing for one month or longer. I would really appreciate hearing your results since it is a matter of great interest and a worthy study.

Finding the true root cause of anything is the method to eliminate even subtle negative thoughts. The exercise is quite simple, for anything that bugs you, consider if having unlimited money would fix or change it.

Any time you get upset about anything, feeling limited or that you would like to do something but will not do it and that bugs you, be it a small or a big thing, perhaps a fight with your partner about going out to nicer places more often, or having to refuse going out for some reason, note that down.

What is the real or ultimate cause and means of correcting the problem?

For example, many people have told me that the things that give them frustration, even to a minor or major degree always boils down to lack of money or a reluctance to spend the money because of the cost.

For example, having to spend hours or days shopping for the cheap hotel or flight for the vacation, or choosing the meal or drink based on which is more expensive, or refusing to accompany friends out because you do not have the money to spend.

Maybe it is in choosing what car you buy based on price rather than preference or quality. You get the idea I am sure, big or small, something bugs you but you let it pass since that is just how life is.

Also take into account arguments with your partner, or keeping a job you do not like which you hate because you need the money. Anything and everything, short of being cured of a terminal illness, and even there, would money extend your life or make you more comfortable. If you can find anything that money would not ultimately fix, it would be interesting to know.

Even finding a suitable partner, love, is limited by money. If you had more money you could go to the best matchmaker services, join the more expensive or multiple dating web sites, travel to places and join clubs where you may find a partner with similar interests. Money can help you find love. Lack of money can also destroy love, and that is what I would like to prove by analyzing any arguments you or your friends have with their partners.

Once you see that ultimately almost all of things that stress you are related to money, then less things will stress or bother you because you see the real cause. Then you will be bothered by only one thing, lack of money, and that is good, focus all your energy on the real single problem.

I believe that if you find the real cause of a problem, it has less power over you since the real problem is seen in clear light rather than hidden in the shadows of your mind and kept alive by self-lying. Such a state of mind creates many other distortions and troubles.

The other result of this exercise, if continued long enough, is that it will focus your attention on money. By so doing, you will create a magnetic centre to draw more money to you. With that increased income, you should be able to alter your life.

Alternatively, if you do not want more money, you may develop a sincere acceptance of your life situation, living objectively knowing what really bothers you and not live in subjectivity of what you think bothers you.

Subjective thoughts are poison as we have discussed previously, and an objective person is one who is truly free. If you practice this exercise long enough and deeply enough with true sincerity, you may gain the greatest wealth of all, a permanent state of balance and contentment which of course will bring happiness and if you are fortunate, spiritual progress.

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