How do I go about MLM Lead generation? This is a good question to ask before you spend any money on the different MLM lead generation strategies needed in building a solid MLM business. Over the years the MLM business has become so full of garbage and false promises. Very few people have ever achieved a high level of success they claim to have reached, and even fewer people have ever been able to maintain a steady downline over a period of time.77 The statistic is 97 percent of network marketers fail. That does not make MLM companies bad, and it certainly doesn't mean that you can not achieve success with network marketing. It means you have to build your business on a solid foundation, and MLM lead generation is the way to do it.

There are 2 big benefits of MLM lead generation:

1. You don't have to chase friends and family. You will never be able to build a successful MLM business this way. You will always waste time trying to sell your friends and relatives on network marketing.. They will do more damage than good when it comes to building your business.

2. MLM Lead generation is a skill you can pass down to your downline members. This also keeps your from wasting your money buying leads. Would you rather buy a list of leads and work them over the phone or through the Internet, and with the use of an auto-responder, build relationships with thousands of prospects with the touch of a button. I would pick the second choice.

Those where the benifits of MLM lead generation. These are some characteristics of buying leads form MLM lead companies.

1. How many times are the leads sold? Many MLM lead companies sell their leads over and over, and you will be contacting a prospect that has already been marketed to. Typically, you would want to have leads that are exclusively yours, and this why you must generate your own leads.

2. How old are the leads? Would you rather contact a prospect that has expressed an interest in the past 48 hours or in the past 48 days? When you generate your own leads those leads will always be fresh and live. Instead of the passed down lists you buy from brokers.

3. How many leads do you get for your money? Most MLM Lead companies charge must more than what it would cost you to generate the leads yourself. Instead of paying someone else to do the work for you, learn how to generate your own leads and you will save a ton of money.

4. What is the quality of the lead? When you buy leads you are buying a list of people who are looking into home business. This is very general and will hurt you more than help you. When you generate your own leads you can laser target your market and you will experience must higher conversion rates and sales.

5. What is the response rate? This will improve as your skill level at working your MLM lead generation improves. The fresher higher quality leads will give you a better response rate even when your skill level is low.

These are some of the basics of MLM lead generation. The more you market the better you will become and the more leads, cash, and new business partners you will have.

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