One of your most precious resources is the energy you use. Energy is necessary to transform your creative goals, dreams, and desires into meaningful action. Your body and mind are the pathways for this energy. They also determine the how you express it. When you take full advantage of all the possibilities life has to offer, your mind, your heart, and your energy all work together harmoniously. When you are open to the full richness of life you, experience deep enjoyment.

When you were younger, you undoubtedly had lots of energy. Now, as you grow older remember that strength and vitality you displayed in your actions. This strength and vitality can now take you through any task, allowing you to accomplish whatever you set out to do easily. Yet, when your energy comes easily, you may not use it wisely. Instead of directing it to complete the more routine aspects of work and daily life. you may find yourself giving all your energy to your personal goals, doing only at what you enjoy,

You may think that life is more enjoyable if you didn’t have to work hard and if only you could save your time and energy for the things you’d much rather to do. Life is never that easy. You must realize that success comes from effort and enthusiasm. By avoiding work we let our energy go to waste and deprive ourselves of the possibility for growth. Life then becomes a drudge instead of a pleasurable ground for action.

Once you waste time and energy they are gone forever. A part of your life is thrown away; and you lose the vitality that comes from direct and full participation in anything you do. When you believe you have all the time in the world, your motions are slower. You tend to put things off. You lose the momentum of each day, just floating along, taking it easy, or drifting from one thing to another. Using your energy in this way, prevents you from finding real satisfaction. Your motivation is weakened, and your attention becomes unfocused.

The way you work corresponds to your consciousness or the way you think. It is the way you visualize yourself from the inside out. When you use all your energy, this gives strength to your mind and body. From that point on, whatever you do adds to your inner awareness. When you follow a path that is useful, positive, and inspiring, you bring energy to all that you do. Then you can discover a level of self-awareness that will keep you going in any challenging situation you might face.

Focusing your energy on worthwhile tasks gives your life fulfillment. When you really care about yourself, you tend to work with determination and satisfaction. All of your energy is focused on what you do,. and the outcome is all the more valuable. There are several patterns of behavior that are important to develop. They include:

1. Observe the way you work.
Can you see the many ways in which you waste energy? Whenever you work with a half-hearted, disinterested attitude you won’t do your best. When you don’t plan well, you have a tendency to use more energy, instead of less. If you are anxious and tense, your energy will not be focused on work.

2. Allow yourself to pay attention.
This pattern of behavior motivates you to do what needs to be done. You accomplish more and are less tired, and your energy isn‘t wasted.

3. Examine your motivation.
Why is it important for you to do what you wish to do? Can you see the benefits to yourself or others?

4. Always work as well as you can in the time allowed.
This is when planning is necessary. Working with a plan saves you time and energy.

5. Notice how you use your energy.
Set priorities and spend less time on meaningless tasks. Procrastination always decreases your energy.

6. Focus clearly on each task.
Try not to let yourself be led away by distractions. Keep interruptions to a minimum. They are both time and energy wasters.

7. When you task is finished, examine the results. Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished? Did you complete the task in the time allowed, or did you need to use more energy than you had expected?

Whatever task you have to do, whether it is a demanding one, or a pleasant one, the difference will be in your attitude. Learning to use your energy wisely, with patience and enjoyment you will become more effective in doing simple things well. Then, you will be on your way to doing the more complex goals with the greatest of ease.

Patience and perseverance develops naturally in everyone. When you persist in your efforts, not with force, but with gratitude and true enjoyment, every experience increases your inner strength. You will begin to do more then you ever thought possible. Every day you can start anew with more creative energy to express yourself and inspire others. Face each new day with the excitement and faith of knowing that new opportunities are there just for you to grow and change.

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