For starters, you do not want to use your company MLM website for
generating leads online for a few reasons.

Generally company MLM websites are very bland. They do not use copywriting in a way that appeals to your prospects. Company MLM websites are all about product and company.

There is also nothing that separates you from other distributors, there is no personal branding, and you are not building your own list.

Rather than sending your prospects to your company MLM website, the most profitable
website you can send them to on the front end is a lead capture page or a
squeeze page.

A squeeze page is the front end of your marketing funnel so you can either give them a phone call and introduce yourself or market to them for as long as they are subscribed to your email list.

It is important that you understand the basics of a squeeze page.

Here are the 7 elements of a killer squeeze page.

1. A super compelling headline that grabs your visitor by the eyeballs and forces them
to keep reading. You may also want to include a sub-headline, but the key is having
compelling copy.

2. A Benefit List that uses curiosity.

3. A strong call to action telling your visitors exactly what you want them to do.

4. A opt-in form that includes a box for your visitor to input a name and email. You may
also want to include a box for their phone number if you want to follow up with
your prospect by phone.

5. An email notice or double opt-in requiring your visitor to enter their real email.

6. A privacy statement letting your visitors know that you respect their privacy and
what you intend to do with their information

7. Good formatting so that your page is pleasing to the eye

After your prospect opts in to your squeeze page, then you can point them to either
your personal site or your company site.

Your personal site can be a branding site all about you.

Much Success,

Author's Bio: 

Jeremiah Carstarphen
The Cartoon Coach

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